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OT-Adobe Creative Cloud Team Ready... Do I bother?

Hi guys

My colleague and myself aregoing to an event in December about Adobe Creative Cloud.

From what I gather for an enterprise, sales peeps are going to try and sell me Creative Cloud Team Ready.

Its for existing TLP customers (were clp!!!)

To instead sign up to Creative Cloud Team Ready to pay for licensing on a monthly basis, reassigning licenses, access to new software and cloud storage and sharing resources.

Does anyone know anything about this?

From what I see so far its management seeing the word "Cloud" and start wetting themselves with excitment of this current buzz word when....

  1. I have CLP
  2. I have AAMEE
  3. I have AUSST
  4. I have RUM

If Creative Cloud Ready doesn't work for the above 4 main Enterprise Adobe administration tools, why should I bother convince managment of this licensing option regardless of "cloud"

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SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

external image link

COMMENTSBy Don Montalvo \- 5:17 AM on November 29, 2012 Reply Jody, this is a great release…but it leaves our Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) clients dead in the water. You wrote: “Anyway, the reason why we don’t add the latest version to the Creative Suite media is that, well, it is media.” Our ELA clients don’t deal with physical media; all media is downloaded from the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS). It took a lot of convincing to get our biggest clients to buy into ELA. One of the most compelling reasons was free upgrades…well, it looks like Adobe pulled the carpet from under us… CS2 included Acrobat 7 CS2.3 included Acrobat 8 <– free update to Acrobat via ELA CS3 included Acrobat 8 CS3.3 included Acrobat 9 <– free update to Acrobat via ELA CS4 included Acrobat 9 CS5 included Acrobat 9 CS5.5 included Acrobat X <– free update to Acrobat via ELA CS6 includes Acrobat X CS6.x will include Acrobat X <– NO FREE UPDATE to Acrobat via ELA CS7 will include Acrobat XI So it appears our enterprise clients are forced to: NyAJ77k9ojdArJW46Xdw I get it, Adobe is a big company and they've got to eat too. But man this is really sticking it to our ELA clients. I dread the day our clients ask "Why are our CS users still on Acobat X?"…I hope Adobe reps are ready to be conferenced in when that happens. Don
SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

...looks like my comment was pulled from the Adobe Blogs page. I can understand how Adobe Corporate would want to keep the light off of this.

No reflection on Jody Rodgers, he's making our lives easier...more a reflection on Adobe Corporate who are in for a rude awakening when our clients find out how much this (ELA contract holders' free upgrades to the CS-bundled Acrobat application being silently discontinued) is going to cost them.


SOLVED Posted: by tkimpton

Going to keep linking this thread. They are going have to delete the blog.

This Acrobat upgrade fiasco has been going on for years with ELA contract holder and needs to get sorted once and for all.

It's bang out of order that cloud subscription based users get the upgrade no problem but after all the friggin money we spent with you (Adobe) for CS6 we don't get it and will have to shell out even more for a .5 release!!!

Make it your New Years resolution to sort it out properly!

There is literally no incentive for CLP anymore what so ever. We get screwed over every time, but stuck with it because there are no admin management tools, supressing licensing etc for Adobe cloud based subscription.

Currently going down the cloud based route is suicidal.

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

After the holidays we're going to have a call with our procurement department, our client and our Adobe reps.

BTW, here are links to the press releases to substantiate the post I made above.


Creative Suite (Sep 2003 \- Acrobat 6) Creative Suite 2 (Apr 2005 \- Acobat 7) Creative Suite 2.3 (Sep 2006 \- Acrobat 8) Creative Suite 3 (Apr 2007 \- Acrobat 8) Creative Suite 3.3 (Jun 2008 \- Acrobat 9) Creative Suite 4 (Oct 2008 \- Acrboat 9) Creative Suite 5 (Apr 2010 \- Acrobat 9.3) Creative Suite 5.5 (Apr 2011 \- Acrobat X) Creative Suite 6 (April 2012 \- Acrobat X)
SOLVED Posted: by tkimpton

I went to an Adobe event in London, watched a vid, listen to a guy speak stuff and do a demo but this is the gist of it (negative bits I had to pry out from them afterwards 1 on1 ;(

  1. Cloud Team Ready doesn't replace the perpetual licensing model, it is an add on which means more money

  2. Like perpetual licensing (clp) you can pay up front 2 year subscription

  3. Web based administration console to add people to you team via their Adobe ID. The license stays with the company but you assign it to someone so they can use the software at home.

Eg Bob gets assigned a license but then he leaves the company, you remove him via the web admin console and it no longer works for Bobs personal machine at home. Bobs gutted because he thought no one noticed and he had free software :)

  1. Problem is on our clp, we don't buy Master Collection because of the cost. But Cloud Team Ready is about getting everything. What happens when Bob tries xxx software at home, comes in to work and demands it saying he now can't work because he only has CS6 Design Standard! Adobe need to think this through more.

  2. At the moment there is no admin tools for the Enterprise. So doesn't work with AAMEE so you can't suppress licensing and eula prompts... F@&kin GREAT! But am told its on their road map.

  3. I've been told by the Adobe rep that for us it wouldn't be right to sign up to this until enterprise tools are a available and working for this. He said wait for cs7!

  4. Expressed Acrobat concern and pointed out we are getting screwed over because we are paying a lot of money where individual home users or cloud users get the latest and greatest. I didn't get an apology for that and I am miffed. All was said is that... There will definitely NOT be a CS6 .5 release it is going straight to CS7!

  5. The vid looked good, as expected someone using Photoshop on their iPad, syncing to their allocated cloud storage, going in to work and immediacy sync and importing it to InDesign on their Mac Pro.

So guys as you can see the negative stuff out weighs the positive. I think this is really really poor marketing and business strategy to bring this out now with zero enterprise tools. Adobe were making such progress because of Jody Rogers hard work and the Adobe loathing was reducing.

As for Acrobat... that makes me mad. Adobe have got to WAKE up and provide for us CLP customers free upgrades the latest version otherwise the loathing will never ever stop!

Does it make sense that even after all the money we pay we have to pay more to get the latest Acrobat which is essentially security and bug fixes!!!

In my opinion Adobe are putting the spin on things with these buzz words when all they want you to do is to sign up to this EXTRA program, take more of your money but leave out to dry to manage this in the Enterprise.

My view i am always going to be biased towards Enterprise Administration because of what I do and where I have to again try and script my way out of Adobe short comings.

( like copying at login Acrobat pro 9 settings,app support data so they don't get prompted for serials & still MANUALLY packaging up CS6 suite after AAMEE because Adobe didn't include Acrobat in our upgrade path, bas&@rds!!!)

On the other hand I do know the odd "One man band" that think this is great because they can pay monthly and get everything plus cloud storage including support.

SOLVED Posted: by tkimpton

Just spoke to my supplier. Adobe are forcing us to cloud. Bye bye TLP and CLP November 2013.

After all the goofs this week and hours wasted with CS6 licensing fiasco I just can believe it... Karl and Jody we need your solid iron assurances there will be proper UAT this time.