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"Print Operator" group? Sometime students printers get paused and they can't resume.....


We just came across this, we are having issues randomly where the printer will get paused somehow, and when the students try to resume, it states "Library Printer is trying to use the printer, Type the name and password of a user in the 'print operator' group to allow this" Then it wanst a admin username and password. Not sure how to resolve this, and not sure what is causing it. It almost seems as if it does this when the printer has an error (it jams a lot).

Any ideas?


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SOLVED Posted: by vadanx


You're looking for the lpadmin group, grants access to pause and resume printers, etc.

/usr/sbin/dseditgroup -n /Local/Default -o edit -a "$3" lpadmin

$3 is substituted for the current user on login scripts run from the JSS.

Use this in your login scripts.


SOLVED Posted: by steventhemacman

Cool, I am still new to this and am learning as I go...I will give that script a try and let you know....thanks.

SOLVED Posted: by CasperSally

You can also update the cups.conf file and push that to your students if you don't want to give them ability to add / delete printers (which lpadmin does).

I think this is the section you want to edit
<< <Limit Pause-Printer Resume-Printer Enable-Printer Disable-Printer
Pause-Printer-After-Current-Job Hold-New-Jobs Release-Held-New-Jobs
Deactivate-Printer Activate-Printer Restart-Printer Shutdown-Printer
Startup-Printer Promote-Job Schedule-Job-After CUPS-Accept-Jobs
CUPS-Reject-Jobs> Require valid-user Order allow,deny Allow all </Limit>