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Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Join us in person at the ninth annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) this November for three days of learning, laughter and IT love.
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    Mall of America - JW Marriot Atrium
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    2141 Lindau Ln, Minneapolis, MN 55425
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    Come join your fellow Jamfs as we put together food packages with ~30 other companies around the Twin Cities at the MATTERbox Madness Event!

    What is it? MATTERbox Madness is a high-energy event that pits teams from different companies against each other in a spirited, bracket-style competition to see which team can pack MATTERbox Snack Packs in the shortest amount of time. If you're interested in what the event looked like last year, check out this page.

    The meals we pack at the MATTERbox Madness event will contribute to the Summer Harvest for Kids Campaign. During the school year, 328,500 children across the state of Minnesota receive free and reduced lunches through their schools. But once summer arrives, only 15% of these kids continue to have access to these meal programs, resulting in more than 250,000 kids who are missing meals and not receiving the nutrition they need during the summer months. Matter has joined forces with KSTP during their Summer Harvest Campaign to kick summer hunger to the curb.

    We are looking for 20 Jamf Volunteers (to be split into 2 teams) who would like to participate in some friendly competition. There will be a "time trial" a week or two in advance of this event, where the teams will time themselves packing a pre-determined amount of snack packs. For those that recall, this is the same organization that Jamfs packed food for at the end of SubZero Jan 2019.

    Contact Mark Sonntag via email or Slack if you have any questions about the event!

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