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Replace Printers in Jamf Admin

Posted: Today at 12:24 AM by c.kay

From time to time we replace our printers with new models or different print servers but keep the same queue names.

Currently to replace a printer using Casper/Jamf Admin you have to delete the old one before you can import it’s replacement. Which means it gets deleted from all the policy it was in.

Can you please add a feature in Jamf Admin where we can replace printers so we don’t have to update the policies.

Manage Self Service/Policy Icons

Under Review
Posted: 10/4/13 at 12:44 PM by Sonic84 Last Response: Yesterday at 11:42 AM by howie_isaacks

Feature wishlist:
Provide a in-JSS web GUI to manage custom icons uploaded to the JSS for policies used in self service. Should list all icons uploaded to the JSS and which policies are using them. Should list some specifications for each icon: dimensions, file size, dpi, etc...
Provide options to replace icon source or delete icon. Replacing an icon resource should update related policies without needing to go into each affected policy and choose a new icon manually.

Include WiFi configuration in DEP PreStage Enrolment Profile

Posted: 11/23/17 at 10:02 PM by c.kay Last Response: Yesterday at 8:45 AM by nvandam

Due to certificate trust changes in macOS 10.12.4 and above the Mac drops the WiFi connection exiting macOS Setup Assistant until user re-accepts WiFi certificate, which causes Jamf Pro enrolment to fail.

When using 802.1X WiFi network with radius authentication the Mac now prompts for the user to accept the radius server's certificate. As this happens a 2nd time when the user exists the Setup Assistant the WiFi network connection is dropped until the certificate is accepted a 2nd time. This is around the same time the Mac is trying to enrol with the JSS and is downloading the Jamf binary. If this fails it doesn't retry the download or enrolment so the Mac can't be managed.

As we deploy Macs straight to users this results in unmanaged Macs that the user is unable to resolve without a technical having to visit their desks.

This issue may also be resolved if the following feature request was implemented

This seems to be an issue for many environments as anything causing a network drop during the enrolment process will cause this issue.

Keep Mac (DEP) device in setup assistant until MDM config is complete

Under Review
Posted: 12/9/16 at 8:33 AM by jwojda Last Response: Yesterday at 3:49 AM by franton

It would be great to remain in the setup assistant until the MDM configurations are complete. What we are seeing is the machine is exiting the setup assistant which drops the wifi connection. The drop of the wifi connection stops the machine from reaching the MDM and therefore the wireless config profile doesn't come down in time.

Add Smart Group criteria for Pending/Failed Commands

Posted: 9/25/15 at 2:53 PM by JKoopman Last Response: 11/23/17 at 4:49 PM by IPAU-0323

We've rolled out several thousand iPads to students in our school district, and to avoid the administrative nightmare of dealing with the multitude of students misusing the App Store last year we've disabled the App Store on student devices this year and are using the Self Service app. The problem is, when an app is installed from Self Service, it briefly restores the App Store while the app installs, and students have figured out that they can leverage this ~30 second window to install non-catalog apps. This is leading to the same administrative issues as last year, with someone needing to manage a list of non-compliant devices and track down students for additional restrictions.

I was thinking that a way around this would be to lock an iPad into Single App Mode inside Self Service while apps are installing until the Disable App Store command processes, but there is unfortunately no criteria that I can discern which could accomplish this. If I can create a Smart Group that would simply catch any devices with Disable App Store as a pending or failed command, I could easily set this up.

Add Symantec Endpoint Protection to Patch Management Software Titles

Posted: 11/23/17 at 9:08 AM by hacorpitsai

Add Symantec Endpoint Protection to Patch Management Software Titles

Progress Bar on Database Restores

Not Planned
Posted: 4/15/15 at 12:55 PM by jesmith Last Response: 11/23/17 at 4:06 AM by franton

It would be nice if there was a progress bar displayed during a database restore to indicate how much time is remaining on the database restore. This is helpful when working with support on the restore of a database.

Posted: 4/16/15 at 3:49 PM by jake

We are not planning on implementing a progress bar during the restore of a database at this time.

Password Management for local accounts

Under Review
Posted: 2/4/14 at 4:28 PM by isradame Last Response: 11/22/17 at 11:11 PM by bradtchapman

Could it be possible to add password management to JSS?. Features like password reset, or firecall accounts.

Make the jamf binary proxy-aware, to enable use of https distribution points.

Posted: 9/8/16 at 5:00 PM by bradtchapman Last Response: 11/22/17 at 8:07 PM by cmezzan

I configured as a distribution point using the instructions posted here:

The problem is that our company requires all http/https traffic to go through a proxy server, and has neutered DNS lookups from anything other than a browser or an application that has our proxy server configured.

The distribution point works great for Macs checking in from off network ( we have a cluster with a DMZ instance ) , but we have also seen clients check in from internal IP addresses, and attempt to load Box because they don't match the network segments for the internal servers.

JAMF, please make the binary proxy-aware.

Session Expired (Give us the Log In window please)

Posted: 11/22/17 at 2:10 PM by bvondeylen Last Response: 11/22/17 at 3:01 PM by Taylor.Armstrong

Many times during the day, I go to my Jamf window in my browser and I have the Session Expired dialog which I need to dismiss to get to the Log In Window.

I would like it if when the Session does expire, having the Log In window just appear. Forget the Session Time dialog altogether. Either way let's us know the Session has Expired, so why make us click a box that says Session Expired, and then get the Log In Window to log in when just giving us the Log In Window would do the same thing but quicker?

thank you for your consideration…