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Emergency policy check trigger

Posted: Yesterday at 7:42 PM by Sonic84

Hello, I'd like an "Emergency! Check in for policies now!' button in Casper. The Jamf binary can be set to watch for specific MDM payloads then take action. I think MDM would be a good trigger since APNS is usually delivered to clients within a few seconds.

Example workflow: Deploy a new MDM to target systems
The Jamf binary on the client notices the new MDM profile and takes action
Once the "emergence checkin" was done, the Jamf binary would return to its normal cadence.

I had incident recently that required rapid remediation. All of the policies and packages were staged, but it took a while for clients to check in to get the policy.

Exclude root from passcode payload

Posted: 6/9/16 at 6:05 PM by wgregorian Last Response: Yesterday at 5:01 PM by grepoli

We would like to exclude some local users such as root from the passcode payload. Apparently, when the payload is applied, it causes issues with the root user, which means none of the local admins can run sudo su.

Bulk Action for Apps

Posted: Yesterday at 1:40 PM by jmaclean Last Response: Yesterday at 4:20 PM by fsjjeff

It would be wonderful to have a bulk action for mobile apps. When assigning apps to a group (certain site, for example).. we have to manually edit each app and assign it to a group. It would be great if there was a bulk action where multiple apps could be check-marked and assigned to a group or action. This would save significant time for our tech teams who have spent weeks assigning apps one-by-one.

DEP Pre-assigned to smart or static groups upon enrolment

Posted: 2/2/17 at 4:45 AM by Nigelmcgrath Last Response: Yesterday at 3:59 PM by erin.miska

I have found the DEP feature a godsend for keeping pupils in my schools from removing any restrictions. I have experienced both user initiated and DEP and trust me, theres a reason this was thought of. However, I do find myself in the tedious task of organising the iPads into smart groups AFTER they have all enrolled via DEP Enrolment, leaving the pupils without apps, configs etc until i have sorted them into their rightful groups.

I think what would be great is if I was able to sort these before any rollout of iPads began. for example See Pic. With this information, I could sort all devices into groups.

2-Point-Of-View Management System

Posted: 2/19/17 at 9:06 PM by kcc Last Response: Yesterday at 3:21 PM by jmaclean

Hi Jamf team,

I'm not exactly sure on what is this "2-Point-Of-View Management System" usually called in IT world, but please let me explain.

At the moment, if we would like to distribute apps, we only can do this by selecting the apps and choose which group of devices (macs or iOS devices) to distribute to. Unfortunately there's no option to select that specific group and assign which apps (multiple app selections) would you like to deploy to that group.

Unfortunately this "1-Point-Of-View Management System" is in almost every part of Jamf PRO. Well, with this system, we still can get what we want to work, but it consumes a lot of time.

I would like to request to have this "2-Point-Of-View Management System" (ability to select device group and select which apps to deploy) available through out Jamf PRO.

IPv6 support for CasperSuite

Under Review
Posted: 11/22/12 at 10:03 AM by Olivier Last Response: Yesterday at 2:55 PM by brandonpeek

Hi all,

would be great if Jamf products start to support IPv6.

\- JSS web server should report Unique Local and Global unicast IPv6 address in the Inventory "Computer Information" entry
\- "Advanced Computer Search" in JSS web server should include IPv6 criteria
\- Network Segments should support IPv6 ranges
\- LDAP connections from JSS server to LDAP servers should support IPv6
\- GSX access should support IPv6 (seems that there is no current IPv6 GSX support but anyway...)


Ability to define proxy settings for connecting to GSX

Posted: 10/24/14 at 2:27 PM by lisacherie Last Response: Yesterday at 2:02 PM by watchmanmonitor

- Make the proxy config defined here, also available for the GSX connection.

\- It would also be nice if the proxy configuration was available via the GUI.

\- Similar to this feature request \- however it's marked as third-party so I wrote a new one.

Thank you.

Browser Plugin Control

Posted: 2/17/17 at 3:23 PM by Buscher Last Response: Yesterday at 9:15 AM by mm2270

I'd like to propose a new feature where we could enter into a form the name of or extension ID of browser extensions and plugins and the JSS would populate whatever plist, script file, or whatever was necessary to manage said plugin on the 3 major browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

Right now Chrome is simple but Sarafi and Firefox not so much. Seems like at least in the school environment there would be great demand for this and ease the burden on IT guys.

Version control for script editor (integrate with GitHub and BitBucket)

Under Review
Posted: 12/13/13 at 9:32 AM by jacob_salmela Last Response: Yesterday at 7:45 AM by grahamfw

GitHub and BitBucket already do this well, so using the power of and, JAMF should somehow integrate this into the script editor.

Version control on the script editor would allow multiple users to keep track of changes with scripts or submit issues with them.

Policy Execution 'Once Per Computer, If Successful'

Under Review
Posted: 10/1/12 at 12:41 PM by brent.buckner Last Response: 2/20/17 at 11:22 PM by donmontalvo

Set policy to run once per computer when the script exit code is equivalent to a success.

For instance, if a large package fails to download successfully, and triggers the policy to fail, it should not count as the "once per computer" execution.

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