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Mobile Devices: Add Last Reboot as Display Option

Posted: by CairoJXP Last Response: by CairoJXP

It'd be VERY HELPFUL if "last reboot" was collected and displayed (or at least available to display) in the results in addition to being displayed somewhere in a mobile device profile since it currently isn't (which is surprising since it's a pretty important piece of information and it does currently exist for enrolled computers). Also, it'd be REALLY HELPFUL if "last reboot" was an option of things to display when creating an advanced search.

Allow EA's created by Patch Management to be displayed in Advanced Searches and Inventory

Posted: by richmac

The EA's being created by Patch Management are collecting data that we often used to collect ourselves using our own EA's. It would be very useful to be able to access this data in Advanced Computer Searches and Inventory Display so that we don't need to duplicate the collection of this data.

Ability to Push Login Credentials in iOS (Passwords & Accounts>Website & App Passwords)

Posted: by guhlendorf Last Response: by guhlendorf

I would love the ability to be able to push some login info to different smart groups. Working in a K-12 environment the students use all types of apps/websites on their iPads, however some websites require a username and password to be accessed.

I'd like to be able to populate, perhaps via an option in a configuratiuon profile, all of the login credentials for these websites and push them about based on smart groups corresponding to the student's grade levels. This would save them a good deal of time when logging in and really make it easier for some of the students/teachers in PK-1st Grade.

Crossing my fingers!

Resend Configuration profile

Posted: by christina_luis

I have seen that there are a lot of feature requested regarding Configuration Profiles. My issue is this, we always have devices that remain "pending" or canceled<--what's up with that? It would be nice to be able to say - resend profile - and have the same options as normals and maybe one say resend to pending? It would be extremely helpful.

Testing web clips - scoped to 135 iPads - 103 receive the profile appropriately, but 32 do not. So the 32 iPads are stuck in pending.

Currently the only way to target these 32 is to make a change to the profile and then send the profile to all again. This is a waste of time and a waste of network resources. If could target just the pending devices that would be helpful. I realize that sometimes the issue is that the iPads are offline. But sometimes I get those iPads up and running and they don't grab the profile or I receive a server session error.

Treat Mobile Apps more like Mac Packages

Under Review
Posted: by bumbletech Last Response: by kfbbt

It would be great if instead of adding groups to each scope of one app, you could set all the apps you want in a certain policy—just like on the Mac side. This would also clean up the app catalog—instead of having a "self service" version and a "auto-install" version that require different names—just like Mac packages—the apps would be the same, but the policy determines how they're installed.

Our teachers use A LOT of apps in a shared environment. It would be great to create an "App policy" per grade level and add the apps to that policy, instead of going in to each and every app and adding the groups to the scope. The current way makes on-boarding or adding new groups/carts really time consuming...

Enhancement for Manual Config Profile functionality

Under Review
Posted: by JPDyson Last Response: by Aguiness

In Apple's Profile Manager, it is possible to manually create a Custom Confgiruation Profile Payload by specifying domain, key, and value without having to upload a pre-formatted plist. This is far easier to manage when you want to make adjustments, as it does not require re-creating the entire setting from scratch (or storing plist snippets somewhere). It very closely resembles manual MCX as implemented in JSS 8.x, a functionality that was removed in JSS 9.x.

Apple is still supporting and recommending the use of the Custom Config Profile payload to mimic the older custom MCX functionality (for example, this article about managing Safari Plug-Ins

It would be supremely helpful to have this capability in the Custom payload, as the Manual MCX settings are tremendously flexible and powerful.

Please update to Java 8 on Jamfcloud

Posted: by owen.pragel Last Response: by H3144-IT

Please upgrade Jamfcloud to Java 8. As of today (2017/05/14), Jamfcloud is running 1.7.0_121.

As stated in this feature request (which is marked as complete), "With Java 7 going end-of-life in April 2015, we're only about 4 months out from security updates ending for that product."

In addition, Apple's GSX program does not support Java 7 any longer. Attempting to use the GSX integration on Jamfcloud today will result in a Java SocketException error if the JSS is running Java 7, and is not usable. This is functionality that is documented as working for Jamfcloud, but it currently doesn't:

Posted: by john.miller

Catching up to marking this one, but Jamf Cloud is running 1.8 and will continually get upgraded to newer versions.

Disable downloading Internet Plugins/Extensions in Safari

Posted: by HDFCJAMF

We have an on premise setup of Jamf in a Bank where we are managing around 25 MacBooks

It would be nice if we had a feature in Jamf wherein while browsing through any site (in Safari) if the site asks to download a plugin/extension the user should get a prompt saying that their respective system administrator has disabled downloading extensions/plugins.

Smart Groups with no criteria

Posted: by luke.reagor Last Response: by Kkrawchuk

Please make it so that smart groups with no criteria find no members. There is nothing it matches upon so it find none.

Login items macOS configuration profile shall offer 3rd party apps

Posted: by Matt.D Last Response: by truman

Login items macOS configuration profile shall offer 3rd party apps.
For now in version JSS 9.97.1483031164 the list is limited to what Jamf has built in and there is no way to add any.
Even iBooks which is built-in macOS is not listed

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