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Add preferred network order to network payload in configuration profiles

Posted: 3/23/17 at 2:16 PM by Loree Last Response: Yesterday at 9:29 PM by adroitboy

My organization has multiple wireless networks available to users. Most users connect to our Corp "on network" connection but can also connect to the InternetOnly network. The issue we experience is when the Corp 8021x profile gets deployed, the network is listed in the bottom of the preferred networks list and if a user has previously connected to InternetOnly that takes precedence. We do not give users admin rights so they are unable to modify preferred networks.

Can we have an attribute added to the network payload named "preferred network" with the options high or low (or whatever makes sense order-wise)? Ideally, we would like to see the profile get deployed with the Corp network listed at the top of preferred networks list instead of the bottom.

DEP Post Enrollment Screen - See IBM JNUC Demo

Under Review
Posted: 10/15/15 at 12:45 PM by cgiordano Last Response: Yesterday at 7:23 PM by gachowski

At JNUC this year IBM blew everyone away while making them equally jealous with how they set up new machines using DEP. In the demo they showed that after DEP enrolled the device and the user made it to the desktop a full screen window popped up indicating that the machine was finishing its set up process with a progress bar while providing additional information, such as how to contact their IT Dept, etc.

This would be amazing if JAMF and IBM were able to collaborate and figure out a way to work this into a future iteration of the Casper Suite.


Import list of computer names for policy scope

Not Planned
Posted: 5/1/13 at 11:28 AM by mscheffler Last Response: Yesterday at 2:42 PM by robmorton

It would be nice if we could import a list of computer names when we scope a policy rather than having to scroll through the list of everyone to select a handful.

Advanced robust built-in reporting

Under Review
Posted: 2/23/14 at 1:24 AM by MARL Last Response: Yesterday at 2:05 PM by robmorton

We have found that reporting in CasperSuite is very lacking when compared to SCCM or Altiris. We are migrating from Altiris to CasperSuite for our Mac population and are missing the ability to do tabular reports right in the interface. Altiris allows you to construct complex SQL queries, run them against the database, and store and present the report right in it's own interface. Something as simple as pulling a count of All OS X Versions in a single report cannot be done without using an external tool to pull from the database directly joining multiple tables.

Assign policies and groups to multiple sites

Under Review
Posted: 9/16/13 at 1:13 AM by dmw3 Last Response: Yesterday at 1:58 PM by robmorton

At the moment you can only assign a policy or smart group to a single site. It would be nice if this could be done on multiple sites with a checkbox.

this would then allow the use of global policies and smart groups for packages and scripts that need to be deployed to all.

Scope Extension Attributes

Not Planned
Posted: 1/25/13 at 11:00 AM by hkim Last Response: Yesterday at 1:53 PM by robmorton

When running recon, have logic that recon runs certain extension attributes on certain smart groups.

RECON: Bring back the verbs!

Under Review
Posted: 12/7/11 at 4:43 PM by bentoms Last Response: Yesterday at 1:44 PM by robmorton

Back in version 6 of the suite you could run the something like the following:

jamf recon –skipApps –skipFonts -skipPlugins

This was identified as a bug, & changed so that recon now always follows the JSS set inventory options.

However, this comes in very handy when deploying apps via self service so that only apps would be reconned. Which would reduce recon time massively.

(i created a feature request for this on 26th June 2010)

Casper 9 - More user interaction options

Under Review
Posted: 8/23/13 at 1:25 PM by corbinmharris Last Response: Yesterday at 1:39 PM by robmorton

Great improvement in the user interaction options. Would like to see additional options, including:

• Numbered deferral, such as 3 dismissals, the policy will run the next login, etc
• Screen notification options, such as lock screen with organization logo and text, such "Your support desk is installing Office Updates. Access to your Mac will be available after installations are complete"
•Progress bar allowing user to estimate time for completion of the updates, if possible

I know that these options can be scripted, but seems these would be a great addition to Casper 9

export/import individual settings

Under Review
Posted: 12/20/11 at 2:32 PM by daworley Last Response: Yesterday at 1:29 PM by robmorton

From my lab JSS server, I would love to be able to export settings like policies (including the package/script, etc) or MCX settings and apply them to another primary JSS.

Certain topologies don't allow for a single primary JSS with a slew of distribution points. I am encountering a few where multiple primary JSS servers will be needed. Keeping these all in sync and parallel will otherwise be a fully manual process.

I would assume the JSS should be able to create and export a preference manifest file based upon the MCX already in place in the JSS. This standard already exists, and would be a great interface for syncing MCX.

AD Computer Attributes and AD Computer Groups should be standard inventory items

Posted: 1/20/16 at 2:00 AM by c.kay Last Response: Yesterday at 1:12 PM by robmorton

In addition to showing that the computer is bound to Active Directory there should be inventory information about the OU path of the computer in AD, the Description attribute of the computer in AD, and the groups the computer is a member of in AD.

I'm currently using Extension attributes to provide this data so I can create smart computer groups but I really feel these inventory items should be provided as standard.

AD Computer Groups should also be made available to scope policies like static and smart computer group are now.