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iPad reboot on recurring schedule

Posted: by brandonh Last Response: by rfinan

We have some point of sale iPads in Single App Mode that we'd like to reboot on a regular basis as the POS app and Bluetooth connections, etc. seem to get wonky over time. With a previous release, we can now reboot from the Management Commands, but we'd like to move to a more proactive approach. Thanks for considering!

Sort scripts by name in Policy > Script payload

Posted: by mconners Last Response: by dlang

Hi Everyone,

We have several scripts that have been built and used over time. Some I am sure need to be tossed, but until that happens, we have a lot to sift through.

When building a new policy, we will often add a script payload. However, when you do this, the scripts will pull up but not in an alphabetical order. It appears, they are being display in the order they were created.

It would be extremely handy to sort the list by alphabetical order to assist in the finding of the correct script. I would suggest simply click on the header of the script "NAME" in order to sort by alphabetical order would be great.

Codesign Scripts

Posted: by jcompton

In order to satisfy security requirements in large organizations where local scripts are blocked unless signed by specified authorities, allow scripts stored in JSS to be codesigned before running on Mac endpoints.

Recommend using same frameworks that were used to sign QuickAdd packages - an interface many Jamf admins are familiar with.

GUI approach to Home Screen Layout

Posted: by notoole Last Response: by dan.halvorsen

A GUI approach to Home Screen Layout would make it more easier to setup and maintain.

Add the ability to ability set different wallpapers for smart device groups

Posted: by bpavlov Last Response: by dan.halvorsen

Currently you can set one wallpaper for a lock screen, home screen, or both. However you cannot set a different wallpaper for each area. It would be nice to be able to select a different wallpaper for each lock screen and home screen without having to create multiple smart device groups.

Add ChoiceChanges XML to policy package payload

Posted: by mostlikelee Last Response: by grahamrpugh

Current process:
- Package MSOffice.pkg and choicechanges.xml in /tmp
- Add postinstall script:

installer -pkg /tmp/MSOffice.pkg -applyChoiceChangesXML /tmp/choicechanges.xml -target /

- upload to Jamf Pro and create deployment policy

Sweet new shiny process:
- upload MSOffice.pkg
- create policy with package payload
- upload choicechanges.xml to package payload (jamf validates xml)
- Win!

Status window at loginwindow

Posted: by SvenB Last Response: by kevin.v

There should be a statuswindow that show up if the computer is running Policys at Loginwindow.
That is before anyone has logged on.

Similar to how DEPNotify and Splashbuddy works, but without having to log on first.
That would be great in Lab enviroment where the computers have to be ready before anyone logs on.

We hade a app called AMStatus that did exactly that on LanRev/Absolute.

Manage Employee Jamf Nation accounts

Posted: by tboothman Last Response: by Emily.Brown

I'd like to have an option under "JAMF Pro User and Accounts & Groups" to connect their JAMF Nation account through an optional text box. An invite is then sent out either via email or notification to the users' JAMF Nation profile that needs to be accepted to complete the process. The current process to switch your JAMF Nation profile to a different company account (for my assets & support) has not worked too well in the past. See attached image for my suggestion.

Patch Management - Carbon Black Defense

Posted: by txhaflaire Last Response: by isaacnelson


Would be great is beneath software product can be added.

Patch Management - Carbon Black Defense


Cloud Distro Point - AWS IAM Roles

Posted: by rderewianko Last Response: by rderewianko

With more and more people using aws and hosting JSS in the cloud (including jamf)...

CloudDistro Points should not require a key, but have the ability to utilize an AWS IAM role attached to the instance to provide that key.

With this, we're not leaving a key that some admins may never rotate, but moving towards the model where it's contained to:
That AWS instance and the metadata attached
A key that rotates automatically every 5 minutes and is limited to that instance