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Add a "search for packages" feature to the new policy dialogue

Under Review
Posted: by evarona Last Response: by Look

My environment has a couple of hundred packages. When I'm creating a policy, I'd like a search feature to be able to find the right package without having to keep another tab open to confirm I indeed have the right one.

Okay, it's not a killer feature but it can save you some time by not having to double/triple check your package list.

ADFS user and group support without needing LDAP

Posted: by c.kay

The need for LDAP to talk to Active Directory is outdated and insecure. Jamf should be replacing LDAP with AD FS so we can get user and group information from Azure AD and other cloud based directory system.

I can't understand why Jamf hasn't got this on its road map. Other vendors have has support for cloud based directory systems for user and group information for sometime.

Archive dead Devices

Posted: by aswain Last Response: by aswain

There are already a few feature requests asking to be able to archive computers, I'd like the same for mobile devices. We have a few iPads that have been run over by a vehicle (yes really). So they are completely dead and won't respond to an un-manage (or any other) command from JAMF. I'd like to be able to keep a record of them in JAMF so we can fully account for all iPads we have ever purchased into the fleet but not consume a license for them. I am exploring changing the management status via an API call but it would be great to do this via the GUI.

General improvements to JSS web interface

Under Review
Posted: by bpavlov Last Response: by bpavlov

This may sound petty but certain things that get repetitive could be made so much simpler with the addition of 3 simple things:
-the ability to move "things/objects" dynamically.
-Plus + and Minus - buttons

How checkboxes come in handy?
As an example, for complicated groups, you need to check off a bunch of criteria. That requires you to manually add each individual criteria in the right order so that the logic works in the smart group. Imagine if you could simply add all the criteria you need in using checkboxes all in one shot.

How do you sort them?
You realize now that the criteria is not in the right order. But if we had the ability to move the "objects" (the criteria) then we could easily do what we needed to do.

But what if I need the same criteria multiple times?
Well with the addition of a + and - button at the beginning of the object (the criteria in our example) we could continue to add the same object right below that row as many times as you want (similar to the function you get in a spreadsheet to add rows below)

I used one example with computer groups, but I know for a fact that there are so many other areas where these 3 enhancements would make a huge change in terms of less clicks. Perhaps others can add their experiences of situations where things could be made simpler if there were less clicks.

Monitor APNS traffic W/Stats

Posted: by Mike-C:\ Last Response: by bpavlov

You know, it might be handy to have a simple view in the JSS to see how many APNS requests are currently being pushed at the moment and also show some statistics of APNS traffic. That way you can get an idea of out bout network traffic. Mostly useful for iOS devices.

Feature Requests: "Primary Tenet", "Primary Application" and Additional Tag" options waaaay out of date

Posted: by grahamrpugh Last Response: by bpavlov

When is the last time anyone looked at the "Primary Tenet", "Primary Application" and Additional Tag" dropdown menus? It's all about OS X, Casper and JSS in there. Does anyone in Jamf use these to decide who acts on the FRs?

I've chosen three ridiculous options to highlight the problem.

Please support XML in the new Jamf Pro API

Posted: by bpavlov Last Response: by bpavlov

The new Jamf Pro API (currently in beta as of Jamf Pro v10.5) supports JSON only. I would like for it to support XML as well for both producing output and taking input. This makes it easier to work with if you're using bash to interact with it the new Jamf Pro API.

Add the ability to ability set different wallpapers for smart device groups

Posted: by bpavlov

Currently you can set one wallpaper for a lock screen, home screen, or both. However you cannot set a different wallpaper for each area. It would be nice to be able to select a different wallpaper for each lock screen and home screen without having to create multiple smart device groups.

Keep web session alive during the save process.

Posted: by Grant.Klingbeil

If a save in Jamf Pro takes more than 30 minutes, the session times out. If you click continue session, it reloads the page and takes you back to the edit screen.

Please add logic to keep a session alive automatically if the action of saving is happening.

Saving a DEP PreStage scope for example.

I know that I can increase the session timeout threshold as a workaround, but that is a bandaid to the real issue.

Show change history for Mass actions

Under Review
Posted: by wilesd Last Response: by brunerd

Currently computer history is logged for almost all actions made on a machine. Except mass/bulk actions. eg. For location changes - Whether they were made via a recon/organic, changed manually through the webapp, or changed via the API.

Mass/bulk actions are potentially the most important changes to track, as done at scale they can have the most impact, yet they are not tracked in computer history.

It would be great if Jamf could fill this small gap.

An example of a field where changes aren't reflected when changed via a mass action [upload](3ff1a1767f384c7591c4cb4b75da04db)