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Mobile Device Apps Entry List Exportable / Sortable

Posted: 2 minutes ago by tbynum

I would like to sort by column headers and export the mobile device app search results screen.

Limited Access JSS returning a 404 instead of Web Application Disabled

Posted: 33 minutes ago by syunetsy Last Response: 28 minutes ago by syunetsy

Locking down the DMZ JSS server, we would rather have the JSS address return a 404 error than a message stating "Web Application Disabled".

Usage Statistic Reporting for SelfService

Under Review
Posted: 9/25/12 at 3:13 PM by andrewseago Last Response: Today at 2:54 PM by mm2270

An interface on the jss to view self service usage statistics. An overview of what
policies or plugins are most used. Graphs basic reporting.

Self Service to ignore userdelay/deferal on policy

Posted: Yesterday at 11:14 AM by mostlikelee Last Response: Today at 2:24 PM by mostlikelee


Policy (usually patching) alerts user that they must run policy before deferal date. User defers for 1 day. User then decides now is a good time to run the policy, opens Self Service, and runs the policy there. Since the userdelay is set for 1 day, the user can not run the policy.

Creating 2 policies for push and self service would be the workaround here, but seems like too much overhead when you're dealing with many policies. I also can't think of any scenarios where you would want to enforce a delay in Self Service.


Advanced Search: Users who have a Local Account with Admin Access

Posted: Today at 12:53 PM by tom.londy

If you go into a Computer object in Casper and click on the Local User Accounts section, you can see if a user has admin access to the computer. I would like a way to search using the Advanced Search or Smart Groups to be able to determine who has admin or not.

Allow Customization of Dashboard

Under Review
Posted: 11/5/13 at 10:41 PM by Gonzales Last Response: Today at 9:08 AM by paul.thompson

Currently it seems the dashboard is displayed in a random order. I would love to be able and arrange the order in which I see things. If licensed software is important to my sites I would like it closer to the top. I turned on a bunch of stuff and licensed software is at the very bottom. Thanks

Re arrange JSS dashboard with pin

Posted: 10/1/15 at 2:09 PM by infolasalle Last Response: Today at 8:49 AM by paul.thompson

Re arrange JSS dashboard with pin

Multiple Apple School Manager Instaces

Posted: Today at 5:15 AM by Andreas_Schenk

As far as I have seen/tested, we can set up many DEP (DEP Version 1) tokens in a JSS, but only one of them as an Apple School Manager connection (aka DEP Version 2).

I don't know if this is a limitation by design (Apple) or by implementation (Jamf).

Many might argue, that a given Edu Organisation should have just one ASM connection but still could have multiple (Version 1) DEP tokens to reflect multiple schools with their own device manager and this would work with the current feature set.

Yet, we have several Jamf customers that manage devices on the same server for multiple Edu Organisations that have totally separate ASM accounts. Therefore I'd love to see the JSS being able to handle multiple ASM connections (DEP Version 2), ideally assignable to sites.

JSS to Proxy the SCEP Certificate

Posted: 5/1/13 at 10:59 AM by JPDyson Last Response: Today at 3:10 AM by TomH

I'd like the JSS to be able to request device and user certificates from our internal SCEP setup and deploy them to the client machines. This would facilitate certificate-based authentication (802.1X) for WiFi and Ethernet, and even signing and encrypting certificates.

This is a feature that some MDM suites (Mobile Iron) have implemented for iOS devices, but there's no reason for it to be limited to iOS.

Ability to ADD iCloud Drive in iOS10 to Home screen

Posted: Yesterday at 9:02 PM by crchien

In iOS 9, iCloud Drive could be toggled on/off from settings. In iOS 10, since you can remove native apps, to add it back, you have to "download" from the App Store to restore it to the home screen. However, with managed AppleIDs, you cannot download apps from the App Store, and with shared iPads, you cannot change the AppleID to allow another AppleID to download the iCloud Drive.

We need a way to add the iCloud Drive to the home screen so shared AppleIDs can easily access and manage their iCloud content.