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Limit JSS duplicate entries.

Posted: 9/21/17 at 2:34 PM by abasti Last Response: 2/23/18 at 11:49 PM by MLBZ521

It appears as though JSS compares serial numbers, as well as the primary and secondary MAC addresses when determining if a computer is already in the system. I work at a private school, and during the summer we take any of the beat up computers to Apple to be repaired. A lot have the Logic Boards replaced. Apple can flash the old serial number onto the new board, but not the MAC addresses. The Primary MAC which is the wifi will not change, since the card is it's own piece. But the secondary MAC is the thunderbolt address, which, if the MLB is replaced will change. When we get the computers back from repair and issue them to new students, JSS is keeping the old student entry and creating anew one since JSS thinks it is a NEW computer since the secondary MAC address does not match. I exported a list of all of our computers and searched for duplicate serial numbers and found we had this exact issue happen 57 times, so 57 duplicates because of a logic board replacement.

We should either have the option to change how JSS examines duplicates, or just reduce what JSS checks for. It should really only compare the serial number and not all the hardware addresses. Far too many duplicates will happen because of this.

Adding the Option to Turn on or off Lock Screen in the Apple Menu

Posted: 2/23/18 at 4:43 PM by mcfarlandp

In configuration profiles you can go into the Finder Payload and then commands and then can take out Restart and Shutdown out of the Apple Menu. in 10.13 they added lock screen to the Apple Menu. We would like to be able to take Lock Screen out of the Apple Menu as well as the option to take Restart and Shutdown out of the Apple Menu.

Mac App Store Inventory Reporting Options

Under Review
Posted: 12/12/13 at 10:44 AM by FritzsCorner Last Response: 2/23/18 at 4:31 PM by bpavlov

It would be very helpful if there were a simple way to create an at-a-glance report to show all of the applications in the environment that were installed from the Mac App Store. Currently we have to run a script on each computer to search for all applications with the _MASReceipt but this can be tedious when working with hundreds of systems and the information isn't available in a format that is easy to digest.

Disabling Reset Option on iOS

Posted: 2/23/18 at 4:04 PM by jkrollalden

In Settings, underneath the General tab, the Reset option is where this is directed. To make sure no settings are tampered with, this option would be nice to remove. You can already disable "Reset All Content & Settings" but it would be ideal to block the rest of them. Hopefully it'll come to the next update.

Upload Restricted by Checksum

Posted: 2/23/18 at 1:48 PM by SeanRussell Last Response: 2/23/18 at 2:50 PM by Taylor.Armstrong

Requesting the option to restrict certain packages that fail to meet a checksum requirement (Possibly a list of allowed checksums) from being uploaded into Jamf Admin.

This would be a significant help with our strict Government security policies we have when it comes to uploading/creating packages as an additional verification check.

"No Category Assigned" Should be last, not sorted under "N"

Posted: 2/22/18 at 1:50 PM by cgalik Last Response: 2/23/18 at 2:10 PM by gachowski

I have some policies that don't fit neatly into a category at this time, or are only temporary. They used to be at the end of my policy list, now the "No Category Assigned" category is sorted under N.

JSS Admin Manage User's Dashboard

Posted: 2/23/18 at 11:53 AM by eddiel0w

Hi my boss is an Admin in the JSS but he knows very little. However he's alway asking me for numbers and he does not know how to navigate to find them. I would like the option to place items to his dashboard or "recommend" items for other JSS users dashboard.

Device Naming History

Posted: 2/23/18 at 10:14 AM by clyde

sometimes students wipes an iPad - and it reverts to iPad, (yes we're moving to prevent MDM removal etc) but I am looking at reports - staff or student wipes an iPad

it reverts to 'IPad' and I m not sure who's iPad this is or was - allowing me to find out who's iPad it was quickly than searching by serial number to assigned staff/student

also on Macbooks/iMacs - history of name changes

Use Reported IP Address in Advanced Search

Posted: 7/19/16 at 8:07 AM by strider.knh Last Response: 2/23/18 at 9:07 AM by slundy

There are times I want to limit a search by IP Address rand or Network Segment range. The only IP Address that I can use it the IP Address but that is the IP Address that the JSS sees when a device checks in. Since we are hosted it only sees our outside IP Address and not the IP Address the device thinks it has. This is fine since there is the Reported IP Address but I can not use that field in an advances search.

I want to use the Reported IP Address field in advanced searches.

Network Segment would also be useful.

Posted: 7/19/16 at 1:10 PM by beth.lindner

Please contact our Support department if there are any issues with this feature in the Casper Suite 9.92. Thanks for posting, please keep them coming!

SIEM Integration with Jamfcloud

Posted: 2/23/18 at 8:24 AM by bennumo

I'm shocked. I cannot believe that the cloud-based jamf solution doesn't have pre-configured integration with SIEM tools such as Splunk (and its host of competitors). In my mind, this is a gap in the security ecosystem, especially with the rise of UEBA and most vectors for APT and Internal Threats coming from the realm of the end-user and end-user devices.

I'd like to see OOTB integration with top-tier SIEM vendors. This is table stakes in my opinion.