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Add Teamviewer to Patch Management

Posted: by RainerNRW

Hallo Jamf. Bitte pack Teamvierwer und Teamviewer QS mit ins Patch Management

Sry die MyJD English,

Hello Jamf. Please pack the Teamviewer and Teamviewer QS into Patch Management


Smart Computer Groups based on Site

Not Planned
Posted: by greicius Last Response: by kevin.v

The ability to make a smart computer group based on Site.

Posted: by john.miller

As noted in the comments, Site is intended to help delegate management responsibilities without inadvertently sharing device data. This intent makes it frustrating when having to create a policy for multiple difference sites, or finding visibility into other sites. We are working to improve that workflow, making it similar to moving Users between Sites and seeing which Sites Users are a part of.

Groups and Smartgroups: Provide a spot for notes

Posted: by atomczynski

When creating Groups or Smartgroups, it would be helpful to have a spot for notes about the group. Who has created it, when, and why.

In Settings, Computer Management, Scripts we have two such fields:

Having something like this would be helpful so whoever creates a smart group.
This way you can keep a short name of the smart group which might look cleaner / more professional.

So instead of what you see in the picture the group can be called.

Apple TVs tvOS 12.4.1

Jamf Remote version check

Posted: by cbrewer

The Jamf Remote macOS app should compare it's version against the server instance of Jamf Pro to make sure the versions match - similar to what Jamf Admin does.

This would prevent issues caused by running an out-dated copy of Jamf Remote.

Jamf Connect and NTLM authentication challenge/response from proxy array

Posted: by perkins

Hi Jamf,

Feature: have JAMF Connect respond to NTLM authentication challenges from proxy servers.

We have customers with legacy infrastructure implemented with a Windows PC focus. The proxy array has multiple servers and uses NTLMv2 authentication.

The End User experience on Win7 or Win10 is seamless.

However, the End User experience on macOS is poor. While there is a keychain item for the proxy array, the NTLM authentication prompts still appear.

Using a product such as Authoxy would address these additional proxy authentication prompts.

This feature request would allow Mac End User to experience a more seamless integration with the existing proxy servers by eliminating the extra NTLM authentication prompts.


Hide Wi-FI from menu bar

Posted: by gquattro

Please create a policy/profile that hides the Wi-Fi menu from the menu bar. In environments where users should only be connected to the in-house secure network, this would be very helpful. Currently, the only way to achieve this is through the means of creating Plists with composer.

Additionally, it would be nice to have a virtual menu of settings for Jamf pro users. The user can select system preferences which generates a profile from those settings. This would save a lot of time and would help reduce the amount of profiles/policies in the suite.

Being able to export Purchase info

Posted: by Iltaadler

In order to be able to reimport the PO dates I would like to create a CSV file from our Casper info, but there is no option to do that from the export inventory item. Could that be added in?

Custom Home Screen Layout - Ability to delete apps - and manage their own folders on non custom pages?

Posted: by Malcolm Last Response: by jdhainley

I've tested the custom home screen layout configuration profiles in my school environment, as much as I liked the feature, the inability to delete apps from the home screen, and to allow the end user to move and group their own apps.

Although you can delete the apps under settings, the end user, finds this too difficult, especially when your talking about ages 6-13

Students quickly opted out, and started deleting their profiles to gain control again, which obviously had other repercussions.

I've been pushing apple, to fix this assuming it was a problem on their end, but incase its a problem with the JSS profile is built, I would love to see the added improvements, even in the form of chek boxes within the profile generation:
[] allow users to delete apps not listed in the home screen layout customisation.
[] allow users to delete any apps from the home screen.
[] allow users to move and group apps on other pages, that are not listed in the home screen layout customisation.

Also their appears to be better support for grouping web clips with the use of home screen layout customisation, I haven't been able to make them group.

Posted: by beth.lindner

Thanks for the great use case explanations on this post, those are really good examples! At this time, a Configuration Profile that controls the Home Screen Layout functions as expected based on Apple specifications. Until the Configuration Profile is removed, it will lock the layout of the device based on the settings deployed. Please go through the Apple communication channels to file this request with them. They value feature requests as much as we do! Once Apple adds new functionality, we will work hard to integrate with the feature. Please keep the great requests coming.

Enrollment Customization Markdown to Format Text

Posted: by stutz

Please add the ability to add markdown inside the enrollment customization so we can make it look pretty. If a company wants to include a corporate policy that the user has to agree to it would be easier to read if we can add some bold, line breaks, and bullet points. Right now its just one huge glob of text.

Use Google Apps as an alternative to LDAP

Under Review
Posted: by philhavens Last Response: by jeckertchu

Allow a Google Apps domain to function as an alternative to LDAP. This would be immensely useful as our students are on their way to not even having LDAP accounts any longer as our entire program is based on Google Apps and iPads/JSS.

Google provides APIs that could be utilized directly for this situation.