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Infrastructure Manager needs to support NAT

Posted: 9/9/16 at 3:27 PM by sbukovelo Last Response: Yesterday at 8:32 PM by jgiacalone

Please add NAT support in the next version of Infrastructure manager. We cannot connect our LDAP servers because of that.

Thank you

Jamf-pro backup/restore feature from scratch

Posted: Yesterday at 5:43 PM by jtaveras

Would like a feature to backup/restore the entire server in case of server crashes or hardware failure. A file that we can just point it to a new install of Jamf pro and it will automatically configure everything as it was before.

Prevent casper Imaging to image itself

Posted: Yesterday at 4:46 PM by jtaveras

Just had one of my admins perform an upgrade to the casper server via casper imaging (from the same server) now the server barely functions and looking for ways to fix it. Can we prevent casper from running an image on itself?

Allow scoping for Prestage Enrollments

Posted: Yesterday at 4:28 PM by bburdeaux

In our environment, all of our 1 to 1 student iPads are Gray, our teacher's iPads are white, and our administrator's iPads are Gold(this started purely by accident, but we liked the idea and kept it going). Our student iPads are in a separate prestage from the staff iPads, both for easy organization and because their setup process is a bit different, so it would be immensely useful to be able to scope these prestages out based on model or description.

This is especially of use when GSX repairs are brought into consideration. After completing the repair, and getting the new device and serial number, it takes days(occasionally over a week), for that serial to get transferred into our possession and appear in DEP. This means, for every repair(of which there are a lot), I have to remember to go back later and make sure that the new serial number gets assigned to the prestage so the new device can be used.

I recognize that the scoping would be limited to serial number, model and description, since that's all the info the JSS gets from DEP, but even that would be enough to help.

Keep/Update Casper (Jamf Pro) Imaging app

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10 AM by cbrewer Last Response: Yesterday at 3:37 PM by andysemak

I didn't like hearing at JNUC that there were no plans to have the Casper Imaging app be part of Jamf Pro 10. For a school district with large numbers of lab and cart computers, we rely pretty heavily on an imaging process. Moving forward, we'll still need a way to NetBoot Macs and lay down an imaging type configuration as this will still be the most efficient way to upgrade/refresh student computers at the end of a school year.

Extension attribute formatting

Posted: 9/21/16 at 11:13 AM by jrwilcox Last Response: Yesterday at 3:16 PM by bpavlov

In previous version of the JSS it was possible to include carriage returns in text returned in extension attributes. They are now all removed. This makes the information un-readable.

office 365 patching

Posted: Yesterday at 12:37 PM by jbosma Last Response: Yesterday at 3:06 PM by blackholemac

I know it is early and there's probably a freeze to the initial patching, but it would be nice if in addition to Office 2016 that Office 365 patches were included as well.

Make Casper Remote a WebApp

Posted: Yesterday at 9:43 AM by roethelbc Last Response: Yesterday at 2:48 PM by gachowski

Casper Remote is amazing and very easy to use. Only issue is that we are not always in front of a Mac. It would make live so much easier if the Remote tool served as a WebApp for us to push software on demand rather than logging into Jamf Pro and creating a one time policy for a machine.

Duplicate Responded: Yesterday at 8:58 PM by beth.lindner

Thanks for all the great discussion points on this Feature Request! I am linking it to another that specifically mentions Windows machines because the issues seem to be related. As I read the use cases I hear: "I need to access Remote from more than just my Mac." Please let us know if there are any concerns about combining the votes and comments into the one spot! Keep the great ideas coming, we really appreciate it.

Max iOS version Column

Posted: Yesterday at 2:15 PM by ChrisRupert

Unless you have the iPad in question in front of you, it's tough to tell what the most current version is for that particular iPad. Several models will only be up to version 9.3.5 while others can handle 10.x. It would be nice to have a new column available in the inventory that shows the max iOS version available for an iPad. This way you wouldn't have to waste time attempting to push an iOS update to an iPad that is running the most current version of iOS (for that iPad).

Duplicate Responded: Yesterday at 8:17 PM by beth.lindner

Thanks for posting this Feature Request, the use case makes great sense! I am linking it to another although the second is regarding Mac OS. The crux of the matter seems to be that it would be helpful to know if any device will ever have any further operating system updates. If there are concerns with connecting these votes and comments, please let us know.

Layered Configuration Profiles / Restrictions

Posted: 10/20/16 at 7:12 AM by bvondeylen Last Response: Yesterday at 1:13 PM by bvondeylen

I would like to created multiple Configuration Profiles with small changes, and layer them, with specific restrictions 'passing through' unchanged.

I have a Restriction Profiles set for Grade 3, 4, and 5, that have all restrictions made, yet each is a little different. Teacher then puts in a help desk ticket requesting that an iPad have the restricted for a period of time as punishment. I would like to create a Profile that Removes the Camera capability only and apply that for the correct profile. Right now I am required to create an additional 3 Profiles by cloning, then Excluding the iPad from one of the original 3 (Gr 3 or 4 or 5) and then adding to one of the 3 NoCamera Profiles (either Gr 3 or 4 or 5).

I would like to create a NoCamera Profile where all the restriction options have a '-' in the checkbox, that allows for whatever Restriction was assigned first. So if the checkbox on the original Grade 3 Profile was Checked, the NoCamera profile would remain Checked. IF the checkbox in the original Grade 3 Profile was Unchecked, the NoCamera profile would then remain Unchecked.

With so many possible restrictions, this would make managing Profile so much simpler. It would be a top down approach. Profiles on top have precedence over Profiles issued later (below).