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Ability to see which mobile devices have an app

Posted: Yesterday at 2:00 PM by korzeniowskin Last Response: Yesterday at 2:30 PM by mike.paul

By our math, only 130 or so iPads ought to have a rather expensive app. The VPP tab in our JSS for this app shows 200/200 in use, though. It would be great to be able to see a list of the devices that have this app currently installed. Right now the most efficient way is to just buy more licenses and hope for the best.

Ability to search for settings in policies, config profiles, management settings, etc.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:48 PM by Javy

Similar to Apple's System Preferences search, allow ability to search for a setting and have areas containing that setting highlighted or listed so we wouldn't have to hunt down settings we can't find.

PreStage Group Selection

Posted: Yesterday at 11:53 AM by rhooper Last Response: Yesterday at 12:42 PM by effiesilb

Greetings Jamf pros,

While speaking to Ronnie today, we discussed a possible new feature in the PreStage selection process. Currently there is an option to select all devices, but when one is selecting all then going back through the list to uncheck over 250 devices it becomes a little daunting. My suggestion is the ability to select an upper limit unit, then scroll to the lower limit unit > pressing "Shift" and selecting that check box. This would select groups of units in between the upper and lower limits, instead of all or none or spending hours going through and selecting each individual unit.
Thanks all.

Restriction to Restrict App Usage to App Catalog Only

Posted: Yesterday at 11:44 AM by rzoppi

I would like an option under configuration profile "Restrictions" to only allow applications that appear in my app catalog (Mobile Device Apps). Currently there are only three options: Allow All, do not allow some, only allow some. I could add all 750 applications manually one at a time, but that would be incredibly tedious. Also it would require me to add applications under restrictions as I add them to my app catalog.

Set Global Casper 9 Search Preferences for JSS Users/Administrators

Posted: 8/18/14 at 9:21 AM by dgreening Last Response: Yesterday at 9:52 AM by DTLatBC

It would be nice to be able to set search preferences globally for all Casper users, so that they do not have to go in individually and set their search preferences to "contains". While we can document the process for changing search preferences, we would prefer to by able to set a global standard for searching the JSS.

Update Inventory Button at the TOP of the Smart/Search list

Posted: Yesterday at 9:42 AM by DVG

I"m being completely lazy, but for ease-of-use, to add an "Update Inventory" button to the top or perhaps move the "Export/Action" buttons to the top of the list would eliminate quite a bit of scrolling in my life. No more better instance of a First-world problem, but it would save some time if that were relocated.

I realize I can edit Show * Entries, but I need to view the entire list in most cases.

Search Criteria: Number of Assigned Devices

Posted: Yesterday at 9:37 AM by JKoopman

I would love the ability to filter searches for users who do or do not have more than 1 device assigned to them.

SCENARIO: We've got a search group for students whose iPads have not checked in for X number of days. Inside this group are also many students whose iPads malfunctioned or were damaged and were issued replacements. These could be excluded from the list of students who need to be contacted for follow-ups, however currently the only way that I'm aware of to determine whether a user has more than 1 iPad assigned to them is to individually copy and paste each username into a user search and see it reports more than 1 device. This is very cumbersome and time-consuming.

GET package checksum from API

Posted: 7/22/14 at 4:39 PM by shaidar Last Response: Yesterday at 9:33 AM by lashomb

With the newly added package checksum variable, it would be great to be able to get the package name and checksum through the API.

Airplay Mirroring exception checkbox for Single App Mode

Posted: Yesterday at 9:07 AM by JJordan

Wondering if it's possible to add a Allow Mirroring or Control Center exception checkbox to Single App Mode settings.

My current scenario is that we have an iPad paired with an Apple TV in each of our 2 main office's fitness rooms. Our Wellness department wants these to access a single application on the iPads that requires a login and then a customized workout will launch based on the user that logged in. So I want it to run in single app mode since the devices will be left in the room 24/7 unattended. I've enabled Airplay mirroring and turned off all sleep/standby settings/buttons on both devices and then enabled the single app mode policy. But I still come back to the device hours later or in the morning and mirroring has disconnected. Since the iPad is still in single app mode, I have to unscope the policy and re-enable mirroring manually on the device and then re-scope the policy. Users won't be able to do this and it's not feasible to unscope/rescope every time someone wants to use it. Hoping there is a way to do this in the future. Thank you,

Add .Trashes to the default exclusion list in Composer

Posted: Yesterday at 8:50 AM by Sonic84

Please exclude "/.Trashes" in Composure captures by default. ".Trash" is already there, but not ".Trashes"

Thank you!

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