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Bring back the email notifications for database scheduled backups.

Posted: by isradame Last Response: by diradmin

I am running the JSS 10.11.1 on a Windows 2012 Server, and it seems that the database backup email notifications are not working. I am scheduling daily backups using the Jamf-pro CLI, and I don't get an email like I used too, when using the JSS Database Utility. If this the case, JAMF please bring this feature back.

Facilitate uploads to cloud distribution point via API or other non-manual method

Posted: by emily Last Response: by FritzsCorner

Version 9 of the Casper Suite/Jamf Pro Suite allowed tools like JSSImporter to upload packages directly to a cloud distribution point. This has stopped working in Jamf Pro 10. If cloud is the way of the future, cloud needs to be scalable, and also needs to have some way to automate package uploads and replication. Please provide and document a way to upload packages programmatically, via some kind of API or fileupload endpoint or whatever, so that we can continue to leverage cloud distribution points with Jamf Pro 10 and not have to manually upload packages via the webapp or Jamf Admin.

I would imagine that once some kind of upload methodology is established (via API or otherwise) that it could be used in conjunction with ODST as well.

Allow us to deploy a custom package via DEP enrollment without a cloud distribution point

Posted: by crbeck Last Response: by boberito

Jamf Pro 10.9 just came out with the ability to deploy packages during DEP enrollment and I was really looking forward to that functionality. However, there's a major caveat.

To deploy an enrollment package to computers, you must have a cloud distribution point configured as the master distribution point in Jamf Pro.

I don't plan on using a cloud distribution point anytime soon, so I'd like the ability to deploy a package via DEP enrollment with an on-prem file distribution point.

Ability to deliver reports via email

Posted: by johncavallino Last Response: by Rocky

I get requests within our IT department and business partners all the time asking for us to send inventory reports etc. But this is a manual process today. It would be nice within Jamf Pro that you can setup a report to be delivered via email or to a network file share. Currently SCCM has this feature we use this with our Windows workstations.

Jamf Connect (Okta) - Notify a user when their account is locked

Posted: by omar.massop Last Response: by omar.massop

Often I get support request tickets because users cannot log in to Jamf Connect. More often than not, it's because their accounts have been locked.

If they authenticate directly with Okta, they're notified that their account is locked and are asked to unlock it.

Jamf Connect (both Login & Sync) does not let them know why authentication is not working (their accounts are locked.).

Skip ALL MacOS Setup Assistant Screens for Truly Zero Touch Deployments

Posted: by lynnaj Last Response: by diradmin

Currently with JAMF 10.7.1 and MacOS 10.13 when a person sets up a new mac or restores the OS on an existing mac they need to manually click through the Country and Keyboard screens on the MacOS Setup Assistant. (See attached screen picture)

This means that a person needs to be physically present at the Mac to click through these screens before the prestage enrollment process can take over. Therefore, since someone must click through these MacOS Setup Assistance screens, there actually is no ability with JAMF to do remote, unattended and truly zero-touch deployments of macs.

Basically, once I can skip all the MacOS Setup Assistant screens I will be able to remotely trigger a wipe and reset of macs without having to have anyone physically present at any point in the process. This would allow me to effectively "re-image" (while not actually imaging) a computer lab/classroom overnight.

According to JAMF support what I am asking for cannot yet be done with JAMF and they suggested this feature request.

I would be happy to help you develop and/or test any such system. I would also be happy to share all the other work I have done to make everything else install automatically on the macs I manage.

Thank you!

Use scripts multiple times in a policy

Under Review
Posted: by jalatman Last Response: by barnesaw

It would be great to be able to use the same script multiple times in a single policy. An example would be a generic script with variables passed from the JSS to perform an action such as an install or configuration. At the moment the only way to do this would be to chain policies together or with a script calling to multiple policies.

List the Policies a Package is In

Posted: by adhuston Last Response: by diradmin

It would be nice if when you view a package on the JSS, it lists what policies that package is in.

Enable HTTPS-only distribution point as File Storage Distribution point

Posted: by EMNGNSH


Currently we use either SMB or AFP as File Storage Distribution point on Jamf Pro Server and can use Apache HTTP additionally to enable HTTP/HTTPS downloads.

So in this case we need to setup SMB/AFP first and apache http on the server if we want to enable HTTP/HTTPS downloads, but Apache HTTP can't be used as standalone for configuring File Storage Distribution point.

As Apache HTTP will enable only downloads, but to upload or replicate packages to the distribution point via Jamf, the SMB/AFP protocol will be used.

So JAMF has a dependency on SMB. This restricts or rather puts a strain on the enterprise if we want to disable SMB.

Jamf should really work on to enable HTTPS-only distribution point going forward, so we don't need to have two protocols managed at same time.

Extend Activation Code API

Posted: by martin

Currently the Classic API shows only the organization name and activation code:

  <organization_name>Acme Corporation</organization_name>

It would be helpful to get the License Type, Expiration Date, Managed Computers, Computers not Managed, and Managed Mobile Devices as well via the Classic API or Jamf Pro API call (especially for MSP partners). The API should report something like this:

  <organization_name>Acme Corporation</organization_name>

XML or JSON are both fine as long one of the API's shows these values.