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Move or hide Patch Reporting extension attributes

Under Review
Posted: 8/16/16 at 3:23 PM by bvrooman Last Response: 31 minutes ago by Look

Currently, the extension attributes created by the Patch Reporting feature appear in the General tab, and have not-terribly-user-friendly names (like "adobe-air" and "java-8-runtime"). It would be great to be able to move those to another tab, give them a clean display name, or hide them from being displayed, however the extension attributes are currently not editable.

This is just a cosmetic concern, but since we've gone to great lengths to make our inventory pages look very understandable to non-technical leadership, these additions do mar it somewhat.

DEP Pre-Stage Enrollment Completely Zero Touch

Posted: 6/14/17 at 10:41 PM by alv2015591 Last Response: Today at 4:40 PM by gachowski

In the current Jamf implementation of DEP the user or admin has to accept the enrollment profile. As an enterprise deployment I don't want my users to have the ability to choose if they will enroll in the JSS. I truly want to retire my Deploy Studio servers and be able to hand my users a box and let the device completely provision itself. As long my device can connect to any network the OS X device should completely set itself up. I am 95% of the way their but my techs currently have to accept that initial device enrollment profile. My Apple rep says it is possible that Jamf just has to implement it.

Allow access to FileVault individual recovery keys via the API

Posted: Today at 9:29 AM by rtrouton Last Response: Today at 3:27 PM by gachowski

We want to build a self service portal outside our Jamf Pro service for our customers to be able to look up the individual FileVault recovery key used by their specific Mac.

However, it does not appear that the Jamf Pro API currently supports exporting recovery keys via the API. Can this functionality please be added?

Feature Request Priorzites Wi-Fi networks

Posted: Today at 11:07 AM by krudd Last Response: Today at 1:53 PM by howie_isaacks

I would like to request WiFi Network priorities. So i would like to be able to choice which network mobile devices to connect to. The scenario is our company only allows connections to one WiFi network but would like to be able to switch clients to a second network when we need to updated the WiFi cert on the the main network .

Clean up all the zombie "Under Review" feature requests.

Posted: 4/28/17 at 5:53 PM by RobertBasil Last Response: Today at 1:19 PM by bpavlov

It's getting very old suggesting or voting on a feature request only to find it's years old and is still "under review". No feature request should be listed as "Under Review" for longer than 90 days.

Don't leave us in virtual "under review" limbo for years.

Enable HTML Markdown for User Interaction

Posted: 7/7/16 at 4:36 PM by Janowski Last Response: Today at 11:31 AM by L-plateAdmin

The Markdown stuff for Self Service, Maintenance Pages and OTA enrollment is super! Would love to be able to leverage it for the policy Start, Complete or Restart messages (User Interaction) too.

UI improvement: remember state of collapsed/expanded policy lists

Under Review
Posted: 9/24/13 at 5:49 AM by gajones Last Response: Today at 11:28 AM by mm2270

I like being able to collapse / expand the policy lists, but it would be helpful if it would remember the state it was left in. At present, on returning to the policy page, all the lists are expanded.

Use Google Apps as an alternative to LDAP

Under Review
Posted: 3/31/14 at 12:22 PM by philhavens Last Response: Today at 11:21 AM by jwhitney

Allow a Google Apps domain to function as an alternative to LDAP. This would be immensely useful as our students are on their way to not even having LDAP accounts any longer as our entire program is based on Google Apps and iPads/JSS.

Google provides APIs that could be utilized directly for this situation.

Improve the "JSS Database Utility"

Posted: Today at 10:15 AM by jescala-ge Last Response: Today at 11:16 AM by mm2270

The current solution for managing JSS backups is in need of some improvements. I would like to see the following:

  1. Interface to manage backups directly from the JSS console
  2. Allow backups to be scheduled more often than once a day
  3. Option to send backups to a different location using SFTP or SMB

Keep track of who's imaging machines

Posted: Today at 8:17 AM by boanes

We need to keep track of people who are imaging machines incorrectly. This is nearly impossible when we have 20+ sites around the country/world that handles Macs and then ships them to the site that may need it the most.

I'd like to be able to see in the imaging logs who actually imaged (who logged into the JSS through Casper Imaging) the machine prior to it being sent out.