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Push Files

Posted: 9/22/17 at 8:48 AM by david.harman Last Response: 9/22/17 at 2:44 PM by Chris_Hafner

I would like to see the ability to push files to user workstations through Jamf and specify the destinations. The destination should support static paths like /Applications and dynamic paths such as ~/Documents.

Use Cases
1. Deploy .app files which Jamf does NOT like through traditional Compser capture
2. Deploy VM's to users or make them available for download through self service
3. Push document templates into users Documents folders

Enable this button as a Setting option

Posted: 9/21/17 at 8:57 PM by tall.spencer Last Response: 9/22/17 at 2:30 PM by mm2270

There is a known security vulnerability that allows MacOS computers to access open networks and sources that would be insecure. I would like to know if Jamf can make a radial button in the Restrictions menu to control this function.

Please give us a way to export "Computer Usage Logs" reports from JSS

Partially Implemented in 9.93
Posted: 6/17/15 at 9:07 AM by donmontalvo Last Response: 9/22/17 at 2:06 PM by NPU-Casper

For security reasons, some of our clients need to check who may have logged in to a computer, and when. This is provided through Computer Usage Logs, in each computer record in JSS (under History tab).

Obviously as the number of requests increases, this becomes more and more tedious and time consuming.

Can we please get an option to export Computer Usage Logs?


Posted: 8/2/16 at 1:16 PM by beth.lindner

As of the Casper Suite 9.93, Computer History is now available via the API. A Computer’s History contains a record of the Computer’s Usage Logs. Thank you for posting this feature request!

iOS11 Dock

Posted: 8/10/17 at 12:39 PM by jaback Last Response: 9/22/17 at 12:01 PM by mike.adams

With iOS 11 due out soon, I would like to request the ability to lock out the "recently used app" section of the dock. We hide the settings app to the last page, however since we use it during the configuration process, it shows up in the right side of the dock and it cannot be removed from what I have found thus far.

Report What Computers a User Has Logged Onto

Posted: 9/22/17 at 10:03 AM by cbowling

I work at a public school and we have a lot of movement from device to device with our users. I occasionally would like to be able to trace particular users to see what devices they have been on and when. If I know a serial number, I can use the history tab for it to find out particulars, however, sometimes I don't know exactly what they have logged onto and would like to. This would help when equipment has been "borrowed" by specific users. Sometimes I don't know something has been borrowed, but have my suspicions. Since a lot of equipment is mobile and moves from school to home, it's not necessarily marked at stolen or missing....

Client initiated remote support

Under Review
Posted: 4/17/13 at 11:58 AM by etblack Last Response: 9/22/17 at 9:57 AM by L-plateAdmin

The current remote setup is not useful when you are dealing with multiple users in multiple locations. Something that works more like logmein or kaseya or bomgar that allows us to access any of our clients no matter what network they are on.

Incorrect Sophos version issues

Posted: 9/22/17 at 9:26 AM by Matt.Ellis

We have been noticing an issue with the Sophos end client. Normally version information is store in the .app in a info.plist file. Sophos is currently storing the version number 9.6.2 in and has been for months even though the correct version is 9.6.4.

Some time ago they changed the version info to a new location (/Library/application support/Sophos/saas/recipetConfiguration.plist). But the JSS's patch management feature only looks at what is in the old info.plist file. Please change the location that Patch management is look at to report the proper version. In the screen shots you can see the info.plist showing the old version and the about page in the Sophos client showing the actual current version.

JSS website: fix filter search when on mobile device

Posted: 9/21/17 at 4:05 PM by CairoJXP

On iOS, if you're in a smart group or do a search and you want to filter results, when you type something in the search box and hit enter/return, it doesn't work

Limit JSS duplicate entries.

Posted: 9/21/17 at 2:34 PM by abasti Last Response: 9/21/17 at 3:19 PM by jwojda

It appears as though JSS compares serial numbers, as well as the primary and secondary MAC addresses when determining if a computer is already in the system. I work at a private school, and during the summer we take any of the beat up computers to Apple to be repaired. A lot have the Logic Boards replaced. Apple can flash the old serial number onto the new board, but not the MAC addresses. The Primary MAC which is the wifi will not change, since the card is it's own piece. But the secondary MAC is the thunderbolt address, which, if the MLB is replaced will change. When we get the computers back from repair and issue them to new students, JSS is keeping the old student entry and creating anew one since JSS thinks it is a NEW computer since the secondary MAC address does not match. I exported a list of all of our computers and searched for duplicate serial numbers and found we had this exact issue happen 57 times, so 57 duplicates because of a logic board replacement.

We should either have the option to change how JSS examines duplicates, or just reduce what JSS checks for. It should really only compare the serial number and not all the hardware addresses. Far too many duplicates will happen because of this.

Don't Expire a web page session if there are unsaved changes

Posted: 9/21/17 at 12:44 PM by jamesreynolds Last Response: 9/21/17 at 3:07 PM by scottb

I consider this a bug. When editing a script, if it is left idle and the season expires there is no way to save changes and they are lost. Please fix this.