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Define Default Item for Pop-Up Menu Extension Attributes

When I was working with an inventory item in v8.x of JSS, I used to be able to leave pop-up menu items blank (the default). In v9.x, pop-up menu items are filled with an item from the list.

I would like to request the ability to set the default item in the "Pop-up Menu Choices."

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Posted: 1/16/14 at 10:36 AM by Andrina

+1 This is especially pertinent as if you have to edit something (i.e. something in the location screen) and you have extension attributes here that previously had no information in them, they will now save with the default field, which is invariably incorrect and can lead to unexpected consequences with smart groups....


Posted: 1/23/14 at 7:55 PM by localhorst

We had to introduce 'None' due to this regression in version 9. Please introduce the default values for user entry extension attributes.

Whilst modifying the database scheme, please also consider adding a comment/help text that explains an extension attribute. This text should be somehow accessible in the device info (i.e. a hover box).


Posted: 1/27/14 at 9:35 AM by localhorst

Our proposed workaround is to add a leading special character to the anticipated default value, i.e. -None- or -YOUR DEFAULT HERE-. Thereby one can ensure unset fields get the correct default value upon editing a computer record after a 8.x to 9.x upgrade.

PS. Thanks for making this "Under Review" looking forward to this feature ;)


Posted: 2/11/14 at 4:07 PM by localhorst

Quick question: this is marked as implemented in 9.23 but I can only see that the empty (non populated) drop-down menus are back as we know them from earlier versions of the JSS. I was not able to define a default option as requested by the feature.


Posted: 7/1/14 at 7:27 AM by thedanielmatt

Also not seeing an option to set a default in the extension attribute options. Am I overlooking something?


Posted: 7/4/14 at 2:28 AM by franton

Yes, I am also looking for the default option and not seeing it.


Posted: 1/11/17 at 6:18 AM by macbrun

Bumping this because I am not seeing this ability in 9.xx at all. Hopefully in 10...


Posted: 9/13/17 at 3:18 PM by jlang_remedy

Looking forward to doing this as well.