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Push out Audio Books

I would like to be able to push Audio Books from iTunes out through Self Service. We have many students who would use them and no way to install them on supervised devices.

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Posted: by stoneacheck

Depending on your settings, you can now actually set a restriction in the configuration profile to "Allow pairing with non-Configurator hosts (supervised only)" which would let you sync audio content from any iTunes library.

If I understand your request, pushing out from self-service would not really work the way you are thinking unless you're trying to push out the url to an audio book in the iTunes Store for purchase and pre-loading accounts beforehand with gift cards or credit cards to purchase them. To my knowledge, there is currently no VPP to load codes for Audiobooks like there is for iBooks or Apps. Audiobook content needs to either be purchased on the device or synced through an iTunes account to get into the music app on an iOS device (I suppose iTunes Match would work, but alas, that's a personal account, not really meant for institutional use).

If you have the DRM-free mp3s or AACs you might consider hosting them on a dropbox, google drive, or soundcloud account and then signing that into every device so they could play it from the cloud that way?


Posted: by grutz

Since these are student iPads we do not allow them to be paired to non-configurator hosts. Students would fill them with music. Thanks for the information on what can and cannot be done.


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