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Return "Edit" and "List" links to inventory/group list pages

The problem is that I have about 40 smart groups, and I only want to add things to the dashboard that need my undivided attention (ie really important stuff). I don't want to clog the dashboard up with all of my smart groups, many of which I rarely check. As it currently stands, the Smart Group landing page is essentially useless: the only thing you can do is select a smart group. Prior to Casper 9, you could select a smart group, or view the criteria, see the members, or delete it all from the smart group landing page. Now that all requires multiple clicks: a click to open, then one to edit, or view, or delete. I'm busy (as I'm sure many of my Casper Admin brethren are as well) and the clicks add up and eat into productivity.

There is plenty of space on the smart group landing to include more information (or how about a dashboard view for groups/smart groups, like exists for policies, that would give the option to see more information if desired).


Posted: by dpertschi

And the little Info hover dot please. I've got close to 100 smart groups and constantly use the info dot for a quick review of the criteria.