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VPP Assignment Overage listing

In a perfect world, you always have enough VPP licenses for an app....unfortunately that's not the case, and we sometimes overzealously assign apps to LDAP groups that are too big, or have users added to them. As it currently stands, the JSS only shows how many licenses purchased, and how many are in use (i.e. 100 licenses / 100 in use). Since we do not always no how many licenses we have over assigned, we typically end up having to continually purchase apps in batches until our license count is more than the number assigned. It would be awesome if we could see something like:

100 licenses / 110 in use

or even better:

100 licenses / 100 in use 10 needed <-- with a link to a list of the 10 who do not have it

At a minimum, though, I'd just like to see how many additional license I need to purchase.


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Posted: by bcornwell

Hi @smith.kyle, I was pointed to your FR after making a similar one of my own. I agree, this has been a problem for me for a while now and I would really like to see an easier way to deal with this.

JAMF Nationals, if you are reading this please also see and vote up my similar feature request here:


Posted: by mtk

I would love to see this feature too. It's close to impossible to reconcile the app assignments once we've gone over the license count for an app. Upvoted your request too bcornwell.


Posted: by CairoJXP

Good call! This would certainly be helpful!


Posted: by mtk

Agreed, have been waiting on this for ages.


Posted: by Caleb.Anderson

How is this not implemented yet :'(