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Add Ability to POST/PUT using JSON via the JSS API

For those of us who prefer JSON objects, it sure would be nice to be able to POST/PUT JSON instead of xml. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but it appears that while you can request information as JSON you can't put data back into the JSS from JSON.

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Posted: 8/10/15 at 9:57 AM by NightFlight

You are correct in this assumption. It's simply partially implemented. I went around in loops for a couple days trying to commit JSON coded data back to the database.


Posted: 11/30/15 at 12:21 PM by andrewrose

JSON is the lingua franca of RESTful API's, this is overdue.


Posted: 5/11/16 at 2:51 PM by bpavlov

got my vote.


Posted: 5/12/16 at 4:26 PM by NightFlight

Why type the same tag twice? That's what I say. :)


Posted: 8/8/17 at 1:22 PM by mzago

So crickets? This is still not a thing?


Posted: 10/26/17 at 2:16 PM by NightFlight

Upvote people!


Posted: 3/6/18 at 5:38 PM by brandonusher

This is still highly requested. Any ETA or mention on JAMF side as to if this will happen at all?