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Vendor and Version fields on packages

Add Vendor and Version fields to packages and corresponding columns in Casper Admin.
It would make searching for software and finding the latest version much easier.
You could even have created Vendors as well so it forced people to use existing ones unless they manually added a new one.

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Posted: by benducklow

Although we currently use our Categories to account for lack of Vendor identification, I think this would be a nice-to-have feature. Up-voted.


Posted: by Jason

I'd like to see this as well. One benefit is that we could potentially get a report of all applications spread across the platform and see which non-Apple apps are being installed. We might not want to completely lock down application installation, but still want to make sure users aren't installing something completely unapproved. I'm also thinking this data could be potentially used for Restriction policies where we allow certain vendors, but block others.

Pulling this information could be done by looking at /Applications/ Either KSProductID or Bundle Identifier. That should be like for Google Chrome, so parsing after the first period and before the second period would return "google" as the vendor. I'd think that would work for most applications, and if not, Jamf could simply return a blank or "Unknown"


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