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Zip files before copying to file share distribution point

When uploading a file to an (SMB) file share distribution point Casper Admin zip the file on the share. This takes much more time and sometimes fails on te end when adding large files.

Manually zipping the file on the Mac before adding it to Casper Admin results in a faster upload.

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Posted: by bpavlov

Wouldn't it take even more time to zip up a file and then upload it? Or am I missing something? And is it really that common for uploads to a server to fail toward the end? Seems there's a bigger problem going on because that doesn't seem like normal behavior. Sure there is something to be said about the speed gains of transferring 1 file versus 100,000 files totaling 1GB. But if you are making flat packages and/or DMGs then it is essentially uploading the files as a single file. Anyways, I'd be curious to know more about what causes this situation (to avoid it myself).


Posted: by martin


Since more Macs have SSD these days it's much faster to zip before uploaden the file. PKG's which you created with AAMEEE, Creative Cloud Packager or WinClone are large and takes time to upload. I have this kind of behaviour with many customers, at the end of the upload Casper Suite quits unexpectedly.


Posted: by spalmer

I can't believe I never came across this FR!

Another major reason is because this causes an issue with some non-flat package installers (like those created by Creative Cloud Packager) because they can contain symlinks (which Adobe is notorious for). This totally explains the issue because these symlinks get hosed because they are copyied up to an SMB server before getting zipped. I even filed a bug for this, D-007918, which I believe is still unresolved. I have since just added a step in my process to manually zip all CCP packages locally before uploading them in Casper.