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Syncing of JSS with Autotask

Please add the ability to sync the JSS Console with the management software Autotask to aid in integration of asset inventory data. We are currently using another program, Centrastage, and their tool has allowed for a quick and easy tablet device integration. However, we would like the same functionality with the JSS Console data as this is our preferred tool for MDM. Therefore all of our management tools will be integrated into Autotask.

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Posted: 6/16/17 at 2:35 PM by CTSi-TPoyner

Duplicate this request! We are also VERY interested in Autotask PSA and Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM, Autotask's RMM tool previously called CentraStage). Integration of tools is VERY important. PLEASE!


Posted: 9/13/17 at 11:38 PM by KenOhPener

Triple this request, please! AEM AutoTask integration would be outstanding.