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DEP: Automatically add new devices to PreStage Enrollment

When new devices are added to DEP, I'd like a way to have them automatically added to a PreStage Enrollment. If there was a way to specify a PreStage Enrollment as the master or default then that PreStage could be used automatically for all new DEP devices.

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Posted: by Eggsabyte

This is a no brainer. I'm surprised it wasn't a feature JAMF added when adding DEP. If we have Apple auto config the iPads at the factory to the JAMF DEP server they should be automatically added to the PreStage Enrollment without having to add them after the fact. ;-) Please help us Obi Wan're our only help!


Posted: by coreyradford

Please implement this! This would make my life SO MUCH easier!


Posted: by lisacherie

Additionally please add ability to modify pre stage enrollment membership and remove DEP computers via the API.


Posted: by tcam

allow us to set asset number and computer name as well.


Posted: by nmarkellos

This is a great idea .... I hope the implement it soon! As it would really save a lot of time!


Posted: by c.kay

Yes please, implement ASAP. And allow us to create Smart PreStage Enrollment Groups based on the Asset Tag or model of device being imported from DEP so we can customise which PreStage Enrollment the device gets by default.


Posted: by lisamcray

Our devices are automatically added to PreStage Enrollment, but we find that we have to manually select (check mark) each device. Is there a way to do this automatically as well?