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Modify "Default" templates for policies

It would be very helpful to be able to modify the default settings of a policy template, so all new policies have certain things populated (such as the ability to set exclusions for all new policies, or change the default settings for maintenance or reboot.

Currently there is no way to do that as far I can tell.

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Posted: by scottb

You could cheat on this:

Create a dummy policy and save it as disabled.

When you go to make a new policy, "clone" it and then make the needed changes.

Maybe not as good, but I'd think that would work...


Posted: by mclinde

That would work to some extent, I'm trying to minimize the opportunity for human error (which sadly is more frequent than I'd like to admit). Doing that I move the challenge from an admin remembering to add exclusions to an admin remembering to modify a dummy policy, which doesn't work to solve my problem of human error.

I'll still try it though!


Posted: by bpavlov

You could alternatively make use of the JSS API and create template policies based off that I imagine. It'd all be XML.


Posted: by scottb

If you make a dummy policy and do the things you want to avoid in it and save it, presumably it would included everything but the components you need such as scripts and packages? A template or settings would pretty much do about the same thing...but maybe I don't see the complete picture until I try it - which I will because I know that it's indeed very easy to flip/not flip one switch no matter how hard you look!


Posted: by mm2270

I would agree with this request, even though we have few items that we always want to include in almost all policies. Still, I can see the utility in it. This is not unlike changing your default columns to display in a report. Each new Advanced Search you create comes with the pre-selected columns you've chosen as the default ones. You can still modify them - add/remove - of course, but it saves the trouble of needing to modify those display fields each time if you're happy with the defaults you've set up.
The same should apply to policies. I can certainly see how if you always need to have an exclusion list, it can get old real quick needing to go in and select those each time.


Posted: by Look

You could expand it slightly and allow several templates.
A pre scoped & triggered "Test Policy" template would be a nice thing to have, but clearly different fromt he template for a production policy.


Posted: by daworley

Very much agree. For every policy we do, we make the same choices regarding packages, reboots, etc. It would be great to streamline things.

Relatedly, in my humble opinion - policies should be "Disabled" by default, in case I want to save midway through the configuration. The worst thing in the world is a live policy that is improperly configured.

Don't ask me how I know this.