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iOS Wallpaper / Background Policy with Configuration Policy

It would be great to have a Configuration Profile to set and lock the wallpaper to iOS devices automatically, rather than sending Remote Commands.

For newly enrolled devices, we would need to do this manually and cannot scope to devices that already has wallpaper set.

Posted: by beth.lindner

As of the Casper Suite 9.96, Wallpaper can be set as part of any Smart Mobile Device Group. Navigate to the Automated Management tab to utilize the new feature. Automated Management will occur based on a device becoming a member of a Smart Group and re-enrollment of devices that are already Smart Group members. We look forward to your feedback on this new feature!

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Posted: by chrisbju

This would ofcourse only be for supervised devices enrolled with Apple Configurator or DEP.


Posted: by CairoJXP

If you're using prestage enrollment with DEP and what not, make your smart groups ahead of time. That way the variables in the groups can match what is set in the prestage configuration so they automatically get put in to smart device groups after they enroll. In the config profiles, there's an option for "allow modifying wallpaper (supervised only)" that you can uncheck and push out and it'll do just that. It takes away the wallpaper option in settings so it can't be changed. See my screenshot that has it listed there under restrictions.


Posted: by theelysium

I agree! I want to add the wallpaper to the configuration profiles. I have 2 profiles per school site staff and students. I would like to add wallpapers and other commands to those profiles so things auto configure as they setup. Casper is so limited with batching, it's crazy.


Posted: by bmagistro

Can the feature request be extended to only affect the lock screen background and provide distribution via a profile rather than sending a command?


Posted: by michael.devins

@bmagistro At this time, Apple only allows wallpaper to be set via an MDM command. If Apple adds support for setting a wallpaper via configuration profile in the future, we can look at adding support for that new payload in Jamf Pro.


Posted: by RLR

It looks like you can only set one type of wallpaper in the automated management. We want a different lock screen to our home screen but you can only choose one or the other or both. You can't select a wallpaper for lock screen and a different one for home screen without using a different smart group. Is it possible to add functionality so you can select different wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen under the same smart group?


Posted: by facilitiesDEP

I have the same problem. I need a company lock screen and a neutral background. How do I deploy this?


Posted: by ddev

Could there be an option to remove previously set wallpapers? Returning a devices wallpaper customisation's to the Apple defaults?