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Self Service Branding

It would be nice to be able to brand Self Service to match a corporate design language. It should include items like the icon, splash page, and in site titles. Doing this would let users have a more comfortable experience than going to a site without the company branding.

Posted: 8/23/17 at 2:24 PM by DManor

As of Jamf Pro 10, the new Self Service for macOS will allow admins to customize their organization's Self Service from within Jamf Pro. Admin's will be able to determine the Self Service Icon, Self Service Name and Branding Header. If you decide to brand the icon and name, the changes will be reflected in the following areas as well: main page of Self Service, required/optional login pages, dock and Finder icons.

At this time, we believe we have solved this Feature Request. If there is a need to enhance this feature, please help us understand the current priority of that need by submitting a new feature request.

Please follow the link to find more about the Jamf Pro 10 beta and sign up to participate.
Jamf Pro 10 Beta

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Posted: 4/26/12 at 10:10 PM by donmontalvo

Doesn't Self Service already support HTML?


Posted: 4/27/12 at 2:51 AM by Bukira

Id like this also


Posted: 4/27/12 at 11:11 AM by mm2270

Which Self Service are we talking about here? There are actually 3 now. Mac app, web interface (for Macs) and the iOS webclip one. Some basic branding is possible now with the iOS webclip and also some in the fat app (if you edit some of the resource files) I have never looked into the web accessible one but I'd imagine that is also somewhat customizable today. But yeah, it would be good if there were more intuitive controls or at least some documentation for this.


Posted: 4/27/12 at 11:46 AM by FastGM3

We were able to easy brand our iOS web clip following this knowledge base article.

Our district found the end users were confused by the term self service. So we renamed it SJUSD App Store and added a custom icon.

Now if it were only as easy to do this with the desktop self service. JAMF support says it can be done but we'd have to pay for "Expanded Services"


Posted: 4/30/12 at 7:56 AM by jarednichols

On the JSS, the Self Service that gets installed to client machines lives in <tomcat root>/webapps/ROOT/bin as SelfService.tar.gz. This gets expanded out as on client machines.

If you got Self Service customized the way you wanted it, it theory all you'd need to do is tar gzip it and place it in <tomcat root>/webapps/ROOT/bin.

Then your branded Self Service would get blown down to all machines. Granted, every time there was an update to the JSS, you'd need to re-do your branding. This is the #1 reason why I think branding is a bad idea. It wastes cycles on something an exec likely wanted. Most users aren't stupid and if you tell them what it is and what it's for, they're good to go.

As an aside, some vendors don't support branding and view it as a hack. At my last job, non-technical people wanted a particular item branded. The vendor said we'd be off the reservation if we decided to do it. I gave my two "but, sirs" and forged ahead when they said to do so. 6 months later when we were having problems with the product we called support and they told us what they said they'd do back when we asked about branding: "Pound sand."

The item was quickly unbranded, we got support for it, and I gave a big old "I told you so."


Posted: 5/1/12 at 7:26 AM by jarednichols

There's also some skinning or tweaking you can do by modifying images in <Tomcat Root>/webapps/ROOT/images/selfservice2 and jsps in <Tomcat Root>/webapps/ROOT/web-inf/selfservice2


Posted: 3/31/14 at 10:27 AM by localhorst

I would really like to see the ability to configure a custom CSS include URL for

  • OS X Self Service
  • iOS Self Service
  • JSS web UI

This could be always the the CSS file, but preferably three individual configurable web locations. Thereby one can change the look and feel of these web apps without modifying with the .WAR file.


Posted: 8/22/14 at 12:33 PM by adamcodega

I really hope eyes stay on this feature request.

It's well documented how to self brand Self Service, but you'll need to rebrand and redistribute Self Service every time there is a new version of JSS, and users may try to use the old version of Self Service by accident until the new version is deployed to them.

Cloud hosted users like myself are auto upgraded a week or so after a new version is released.

Ideally branding for me would be the name of the app in all areas (Icon, Apple menu, About menu) and uploading a custom icon to replace all references to the JAMF Software Self Service logo.

You can check out my thoughts on self branding post-JNUC 2014 on my blog


Posted: 10/25/14 at 9:12 AM by franton

There was a lot of interest in this at this years JNUC. It's something I've been asked to do in the past so I hope serious thought is given to it.

It doesn't have to be much. Just a webpage with a bunch of upload boxes and what file size should go where.


Posted: 10/25/14 at 11:49 AM by adamcodega

True I'm thinking of writing a second post with a UI mockup. Anything that helps grease the feature request wheels. :-)

Just this morning I've seen votes go from 1600 to 1900.


Posted: 10/25/14 at 5:02 PM by bentoms

@gregneagle's Managed Software Center that's in Munki2 allows for this as per the following:

Would be great for something similar in Self Service.


Posted: 4/2/15 at 3:37 PM by cshepp11

I agree with @adamcodega. I brand self service to the tee and each time a new version comes out, I have to rebrand. Can we get a front end built for Mac and Linux?


Posted: 4/3/15 at 10:36 AM by emily

I've chatted with a few folks about this… if @bentoms was able to build a drag-and-drop NetBoot builder I'd think that theoretically a drag-and-drop app to customize SS should be feasible. I have 0 app building experience so it's a bit over my head, but I'd think it's possible.


Posted: 4/3/15 at 12:32 PM by bentoms

@emilykausalik yep if I can do it, you can too! Just need a need & stubborness. Then something will come out of it.


Posted: 4/3/15 at 12:39 PM by mm2270

Its funny, but I was thinking the same thing after watching your presentation at JNUC on customizing Self Service. It seems the process would lend itself really nicely to a drag and drop application with fields and image wells that could just take the provided information and customize your local Self with a script under the hood (maybe making a copy in the process for safety)

Wish I knew more about building apps in XCode. Its been one of those 'been meaning to learn more of' things. Right now whenever I open and work in XCode I get a little glazed over. Still very foreign to me


Posted: 4/3/15 at 12:52 PM by emily

You and me both, @mm2270. I've been trying to go through tutorials on Xcode today but all of the guides in are from an older version of Xcode and names/locations of menus/all sorts of stuff has changed. Super confusing. :/


Posted: 4/3/15 at 12:56 PM by cshepp11

@emilykausalik What about some kind of Automator Application/Action? Maybe we are overthinking this by assuming we need to build an actual Application in Xcode. Just a thought. I surely could help get things going.


Posted: 4/3/15 at 12:56 PM by mm2270

Yes, I've had the same experience @emilykausalik. Trying to follow any tutorials not created around the current version is an exercise in frustration. Very little matches up. Apple seems to think re-arranging and re-labeling everything with each new release is the way to go apparently. :/


Posted: 4/3/15 at 1:06 PM by bentoms

XCode makes me feel dumb everytime I use it.

Also, @emilykausalik I realise you mentioned a drag & drop app. I failed with that in AutoCasperNBI, so you get buttons. Haha.


Posted: 8/27/15 at 1:08 AM by dmw3

Hi all, I have been asked to rebrand the "Self" for a corporate logo. I can get icons into the Resources folder of the app but the preview icon or app icon does not change.

I think it has to do with the CodeResources /Resources/Self Service.icns</key><data>datadata</key>, is there a way to match this data key to the new icons/

i would personally not want to change the icon but educate users as to what the app does. Any help would be useful.


Posted: 8/27/15 at 9:52 AM by emily

Hi @dmw3, I actually gave a talk at the JNUC last year about branding the app. The discussion thread from the panel is here. There are lots of links and discussion within that thread that you'll find useful. You can also check out my posts on my blog about branding SS here.

In a nutshell, you have to pull up the Info window on the app and paste in the icon you want. I talk about that here.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 1:27 PM by jebS

Thanks for all you posts on branding @emilykausalik , It's helped quite a bit. Just one question though, have you figured out how to replace the Jamf Software LLC logo in the lower right corner of the self service log-in page?
I've found the logo_trans.png and the jamf-footer.png, but these are for the admin console web pages. Can't seem to hunt down the self service bugger.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 1:52 PM by cshepp11

@jebS The JAMF logo is changed via css at /usr/local/jss/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/stylesheets/osxselfservice/SelfService.css

.copyrightText { position: absolute; color: white; bottom: 9px; right: 13px; font-size: 7px; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; text-align: right; background-size: 125px 30px; width: 125px; height: 8px; padding-top: 32px;

If you edit that, you can do want you want. You can delete it all to take the logo away.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 1:57 PM by cshepp11

Above is actually the CSS I use, not what comes pre-canned. I've just taken away the png and kept small Copyright text (maybe for legal purposes). But anyway, if you edit that file you can manipulate the logo.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:08 PM by jebS

Thank you @cshepp


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:17 PM by jebS

Hmmmmm @cshepp. Changed it and restarted tomcat - still there. - renamed it and cycled tomcat - still there...


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:21 PM by cshepp11

@jebS did you refresh self service?


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:22 PM by emily

I definitely do NOT recommend removing anything from any .css files in the JSS or for Self Service. Instead, comment them out as follows:
/ font: normal normal 18px 'Oswald', sans-serif; /

If you'd like do deep-dive into Self Service, you can actually view Self Service in a browser of choice. Open Self Service and sign in, then check the JAMFApplication.log in There will be a URL in the log that you can copy/paste into a browser to access Self Service. From there, use an inspector or Firebug or what-have-you to look at the page elements and how they're styled and what their sources are.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:28 PM by cshepp11

@jebS @emilykausalik has a valid point. I edit the file and keep a backup named original.SelfService.css. Every time you upgrade the JSS, the edited files will be overwritten.


Posted: 10/29/15 at 2:44 PM by emily

Hm that formatting didn't quite work… to comment out in a stylesheet use a slash and an asterisk. If you check out w3schools it'll have guides on how to do that.


Posted: 12/1/15 at 9:20 AM by cgolebio

So, I get that we can change some of the files around to re-brand -- hope that is JAMF supported; @emilykausalik , being that you gave a talk I assume it is to a degree. However, when it comes to upgrading the JSS to the point of @adamcodega , those changes get overwritten. It would be nice in the JSS to allow for those customizations and account for them during upgrade time.

Its not that we don't want to give credit to the Makers, but I am sure IBM did some re-branding (watching their presentation from JNUNC 2015) and it would be great to have a supported way to make users feel at home with header, logo graphics and styles.


Posted: 12/1/15 at 9:38 AM by mm2270

@cgolebio I'm not sure if IBM did any branding to Self Service. I watched the recorded preso they gave and I don't remember seeing their Self Service (but possible I missed it). What they branded was the DEP enrollment process, with a custom app that gets deployed upon enrollment.

Still, I would like to see this get some traction. We kind of sort of know now that there will be a new Mac Self Service coming down the line, as briefly mentioned during one of the JNUC 2015 keynote presentations, so I imagine if this feature gets implemented, it may ride along with an updated Self, but that's just a guess.


Posted: 12/1/15 at 12:53 PM by cgolebio

Thanks @mm2270 , I re-viewed the video and you are right, self service is not branded. However, their self-enrollment is, which the URL was made available in the presentation to check out.

Regardless of where the branding is, self-service or self-enrollment; would be nice not to have to redo the work with each upgrade of the JSS.


Posted: 10/24/16 at 12:47 PM by bradtchapman

After watching the Self Service sessions at #jnuc2016, I think we can say that this FR can be changed to "Planned" for Jamf Pro v10.