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jamf set homepage no longer works with Firefox

I'd like this feature to be fixed since it used to be easy to get Safari and Firefox to set their homepage with the command. Then I'd only have to make a separate package/scrip for Chrome then.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Posted: by donmontalvo

Hmmm...updated a few days ago:

Example configuration file You may see references to "complex preferences" that need to be specified in a different way; the default homepage is one, as in the example below. For more info on individual preferences, search the Knowledgebase.
/ Don't show WhatsNew on first run after every update

// Set default homepage - users can change
// Requires a complex preference

Posted: by martenblank

This was working for me today with macOS Mojave and Firefox 66.0:

sudo jamf setHomePage -homepage -feu -fut -skipIE -skipSafari


Posted: by gshackney

I think this has gone back and forth from working to not working with Firefox. Looks like its working now. Would really appreciate this working with chrome though.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools


Posted: by thetfordb

You can manage Firefox with a configuration profile now. Not all settings are there yet, but homepage is one of them.