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Ability to choose what to replicate to the distribution point from a cloud distribution point


So my feature request would be having the ability to choose what packages/scripts I can replicate to a local distribution point from a cloud distribution point (primary).

Currently my main distribution point sits in an Amazon S3 bucket in AWS from which we upload all packages from Casper Admin to, works alright hit and miss with big files...(but that's a separate subject) and have various local distribution points (mainly mac mini servers') in many countries purely to handle the imaging of a Mac.

Now instead of replication my whole entire S3 bucket to each local distribution point where over 75% isn't going to be used for imaging as it's server from the cloud, I'd like the ability to choose only the packages that are in my configuration and copy them to the local distribution point, ultimately saving storage on the local DP's.

If you need more info give me a shout,


Posted: by beth.lindner

Thanks for the great detail in this post! I am linking it to another Feature Request that is asking for enhancements around replicated files are viewed and regarding which files are replicated. This connection will keep the votes and comments in one spot. Please keep the great ideas coming and let us know if there are any concerns about the link.