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Allow Multiple Sites to use same VPP Account

We have multiple Sites and Site Admins within a school and/or department and would like to have the ability to have multiple sites use the same VPP Account to assign/share purchased content.

Scenario: a principal or department head is tasked to make purchases in the apple store using a VPP Apple Id. Once the purchase is made, the content flows into the respective Jamf VPP Account based upon the VPP Apple ID token, however, only the site, assigned by the drop down menu in the VPP Account, can assign the content to their devices. Other sites within the school/department can not assign the VPP content to their respective devices until the JSS Admin changes the "Site" in the VPP Account.

The current recommendation is that each site have its own VPP account.

Issue: If there are 10 different sites (based upon classroom sets of devices), then the principal/department head would need to remember which VPP Apple ID to purchase content for. As well, the ability to transfer content licenses from site to site is non-existent so if Site A runs out of licenses and Site B has extra, the only way to get more licenses for Site A would be to purchase additional licenses.

If there was a check box rather than the current drop down menu, allowing multiple sites to use vpp content for the same VPP Account, then the JSS Admin would not have to intervene, saving both time and frustration for the site admins as well as save ever dwindling education funds.

This is also becoming more and more cumbersome as we move to device based app assignment where free apps are purchased via the volume purchasing program as well.

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Posted: by jonesju

Yes. We have a teaching department that feels it's necessary to have approximately 200 apps scoped to each of their iPads. I would like to hand over the app assignment process to this department to manage apps in scope to their iPads and on their timeline. In years past they managed their own app installs via configurator. We have since gone to device based assignments using a singular VPP account and managed distribution.

When I added a site for this department to manage their own carts totaling only about 300 iPads, I inadvertently triggered the removal of all apps on their devices. Slight panic in k-6 that day. I added their devices back to the main site, but have gone back to being the one who manages their content because I'm concerned they could unintentionally impact the the scope assignment of about half a million app licenses assigned to the remaining 6,000+ devices.



Posted: by Randydid

I have a similar issue with VPP, Sites, and macOS apps. Did you ever figure out how to do this?




Posted: by VT-Vincent

This would be very helpful for our deployment. Unfortunately the current limitation makes it very difficult for existing deployments such as ours to break the JSS into separate sites after content has already been purchased.


Posted: by duane.retzlaff

I am in this same boat... I need the ability to assign the vpp account to more than one Site to effectively allow others assigned to manage the vpp content for their Sites.

When will this be possible?



Posted: by grahamrpugh

I would like to go one step further and ask for single VPP accounts to be used in different JSS instances. We provide a different instance to each department, but as we are just one umbrella organisation, we only have one VPP account.


Posted: by jonathanwilson

We are experiencing this - I wanted to break our Jamf Pro into 2 sites. We're in higher ed, and one site is for staff, and one is for computer labs. They have vastly different workflows, so I wanted the policies, profiles, and apps to be separate. But we're still one organization with one VPP account, and it's a huge roadblock to not be able to deploy VPP apps within the sites. It seems silly that this isn't a thing.


Posted: by luke.reagor

We're trying to use sites, but are having issues due to Jamf not allowing global VPP tokens. For us, one scenario is a Summer School site that would need access to all our tokens... as our Summer School users could be from any of our campuses and need access to any of their apps. If we try to set it up the way Jamf currently works, we'd have to double our number of tokens and then have to continuously transfer licenses around in ASM to get the counts correct. It would be much simpler to allow the use of global tokens so all of our devices, regardless of site, could pull from the same pool and do it all from within Jamf.


Posted: by calarcon


I also want such feature

So we can have 1 Vpp Account to be share for each site (and each site can define the way the app is installed in their site: self service / automatically.