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Mass Lost Mode Enabled Feature

I often send devices into lost mode to get pupils in schools to come to the office. this would be used to rename devices or investigate unidentified provisioning profiles etc. but doings it one by one is torturous.

If there was a mass lost mode enabled so I can search for devices by criteria 'devices called iPad' then send an action to lost mode them, they come to me, and i can disable restrictions, rename and enabled restrictions again.

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Posted: by RLR

I came across this yesterday. We've got a number of students that have yet to sign their Technology use policy form so we're disabling their iPads with lost mode. I thought it would be a quick thing to do with the Action button but found out you can only Lock the device which doesn't really work as they can just unlock it without coming to IT.


Posted: by blackholemac

Novel use of lost mode... that sounds cool that I might be able to do that for a whole smart group... Alas I don't see that happening... due to concerns from Apple about getting the location of a given device ..enabling lost mode forces the device to report it's location and I suspect Apple will have privacy concerns about that. i'm going to vote this up but not hold out a lot of hope... i'm guessing the enabling of such a feature requires some help from Apple.


Posted: by tdilossi

I would love this feature! I have many devices in our 1:1 program that don't check-in regularly like they should. I'd love to drop them into lost mode in a mass action, with the same lock message you would have typed individually on each device. Please!!