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Allow for selecting approved software version's in Patch Management

I would like the ability to manually change the reported version number in Patch management. By that i mean when a new version of say java comes out but it has an issue and i cannot upgrade my users to it. I am stuck having my Patch Reporting showing me as out of compliance. Since according to Jamf im not on the newest proper version.

If i could manually edit or change the version. To reflect what i want to be recognized as the official version. I can then use the reporting feature to give a accurate count of what my true compliance is. See attached image for details.

Java released an update a few days ago and we started to patch but since Jamf hasn't blessed it in patch management most of my users are reporting as having an unknown version of Java.

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Posted: by gabriel_martinez

This would be a great feature!


Posted: by jfilice_at_csumb

This would be great. We use managed Symantec Endpoint Protection clients that match the server version, so they are not necessarily the latest available version.


Posted: by dpertschi

Hoping PLANNED is for this year, need this capability.


Posted: by Charliejames91

This needs to happen, why it hasn't already is beyond me.


Posted: by cgolebio

Awaiting this feature
As stated in my duplicate request, ability to select the current version in our environment is key and can even be colored differently. I’ve resorted to using external patch server with duplicate definitions, but only include up to the version I am deploying.


Posted: by CasperSally

Was sent to this FR since Office 2016 is now showing out of date and it doesn't appear a separate track will be given via definitions.

Voted up.


Posted: by acaveny

Upvoted as I was looking for the FR for Office 2016 showing out of date.


Posted: by Kyuubi

upvoted for Office 2016


Posted: by jaguilar

Upvoted for Office 2016