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Patch Management for

Zoom puts out quite a lot of updates and it would be nice to see this available in Patch Management.

They have an installed for IT (which disables auto-update) as well which might help with some environments as well.


Posted: by robinsonjo is now an available Patch Software Title. is where we will pull the latest version and prior versions from.

Order by:

Posted: by sjuanes

Have an extension attribute for this but the versions are released so close together it would be a pain to keep on top of. Patch reporting would be great!


Posted: by troyewebster

I 100% absolutely need this available in Patch Management .. zoom is our number 1 critical app for both macOS and iOS (we manage Mac-based telemedicine carts) ... the IT Admin version with disabling the auto-update is absolutely what we need (and currently use).

UP VOTED ... please pretty please include this in Patch Management


Posted: by mrben

Yes - this is a biggie and Zoom ought to put out a normal .pkg instead of payload-free one w/ a massive postinstall script.


Posted: by jesse_mcbrower

I was just looking for this yesterday; it would be a great addition to patch management for my company as well.


Posted: by flowdelplaya

Also hoping this is built.