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Bulk Action for Apps

It would be wonderful to have a bulk action for mobile apps. When assigning apps to a group (certain site, for example).. we have to manually edit each app and assign it to a group. It would be great if there was a bulk action where multiple apps could be check-marked and assigned to a group or action. This would save significant time for our tech teams who have spent weeks assigning apps one-by-one.

Posted: by beth.lindner

Thanks for the Feature Request. I am linking this to another that also asks for a mass edit functionality for App records. This connection will combine the votes and keep the comments in one spot. Please keep the great ideas coming our way!

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Posted: by fsjjeff

Totally agreed!!! JAMF needs the concept of a Mobile Configuration - ie: Students, which would let you assign apps and config profiles. That way it would be much easier to view which settings/apps applied to a set. The current method of having to edit the Scope of every app and config profile gets unwieldy VERY quickly.


Posted: by robert.petitto

Agreed. This is a must-have. Most other MDM platforms have a feature to manage/assign apps in bulk. The interface should be similar to creating/assigning buildings.


Posted: by SBTechADavis

I can't believe that more people are not begging for this feature. I just had to download through the VPP over 100 apps for an art teacher who received 30 iPads through a donor. It has taken me forever to download the apps and then go into my JSS and assign all of the info to each app - one at a time - Why can't I make a "pre stage app" profile and simple go in there and check off all the apps that I want to grab that info. It would be such a time saver.


Posted: by clifhirtle

Agreed on need for scalabilty. At least for management commands you can perform a search and act on results. Unless I am missing something there is no way to search for apps and mass-remove/update/etc as a group, correct? While I fully acknowledge this could result in unexpected results from folks not paying attention, that's easily addressed by the usual confirmation of action dialogue (which is already presented to confirm deletion of individual apps).