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Search Inventory: When the search field is left empty, perform a wildcard search

When I use Search Inventory to search Computers, and leave the search field empty, JSS performs a wildcard search, returning all Computers.

But when using the other search options (Applications, Local User Accounts, etc.), and leave the search field empty, the search doesn't return any results. Instead, I have to use the wildcard character “*” for the search to return all results.

This inconsistent behavior is confusing. I needed a list of all the Applications on all our Macs, so I did a search leaving the search field empty, and got no results. Only after I contacted support did I learn that all the options require the wildcard character except Computers.

I don't suppose demand for this change will be high, but the effort needed to implement this change should be pretty small.

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Posted: 4/20/17 at 5:18 PM by Taylor.Armstrong

FWIW, while not a "major" issue, this inconsistency has annoyed me since the day we 1st stood up the JSS.

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Posted: 4/20/17 at 6:20 PM by mm2270

I agree it's weirdly inconsistent, and is something that should be addressed. I don't notice it much myself because I rarely do application or user searches, but I can certainly see how the disparity can be annoying and confusing for anyone that needs to regularly jump between the different search methods.
It gets my vote up as a result.