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iPad Smart Group App Installation

I would like the ability to install apps from a smart group. IE: I'd like to select 3rd Grade iPad group and from that group open the list of available apps and select which apps I would like to install on the specific groups... Instead of going to an app and selecting the group - it would be a time saver.

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Posted: by Malcolm

And it would probably be easier to manage, especially if they had quick link buttons for the general settings, e.g. auto update, manage app, vpp etc.

i currently had to do this the long way and not properly supported way of searching the app and configuring the app for each year level, and then distributing it to each year level, to easily manage which app was provided to which group, as the Jamf way is to have a JSS listing of each app and assign the group to the app, which makes it hard to see which app is provided to which group when you have serveral groups to assign them to.

It took a very long time. (weeks)


Posted: by CairoJXP

A very similar FR to yours:

I'm all for scoping apps by device group!!