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ASM Import Matching - NEED ability to UnMatch a user


We need a method in the GUI of unmatching a user from what was imported in the ASM -> Jamf Pro import.

Sometimes the wrong user is matched or a new user is created and we need to match to an existing user. Currently we cannot remove the roster information and if we try to Delete the User Object we are not allowed to since they are in Classes. And we cannot remove them from the Classes because this is managed from ASM.

My workaround is to Deactivate the user in ASM and Force Sync. Not viable long-term.




Posted: by rusty.adams

I'm piggy-backing on this a little but we're definitely in the same ballpark. Currently I have my SIS syncing with ASM, and then ASM with JAMF (which also has LDAP users from AD). In order to make that dance work, I have to put the AD e-mail addresses into the SIS so things can match.

For brevity's sake, let's just say sometimes one of those things is wrong or missing (almost always the e-mail address has an error) and I end up with a new user in JAMF from ADM that isn't matched with the corresponding LDAP user.

When I fix the error, it will correct itself in JAMF on the next sync, but it will not match (guess that's a one-time shot unless I am missing something?)

I would love a manual matching process in JAMF so I do not have to do as the OP states and Deactivate/Delete/Reactivate/etc.