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Advanced Search > Display: Move SIP, Gatekeeper, and XProtect definitions to separate "Security" tab

In 9.101, when setting the fields to display in an Advanced Search, the items in the computers > Security section (i.e. System Integrity Protection, Gatekeeper, and Protect Definitions Version) are listed under the "Computer" tab instead of under their own "Security" tab.

Please create a "Security" tab in advanced search and move these items under there so it matches the other areas.

Posted: by DManor

As of Jamf Pro 10.2.0, we believe we solved this Feature Request. The following inventory attributes were moved from the Computer tab to the Security tab when choosing attributes to be displayed in simple computer searches and advanced computer searches.
-System Integrity Protection
-Xprotect Definitions Version

Please let us know how we can improve this feature and keep the feedback coming!