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Every aspect of the Jamf web GUI should be accessible via the API

For every option that is configurable via the Jamf Pro web GUI, we should also be able to set that via the Jamf API.

A simple example would be in Policies accessible in Self Service. In the GUI we are able to set the Button name for a Self Service Policy before installation and after installation. Via the API, you can only set the Button text for before the Policy is installed

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Posted: 11/1/17 at 6:37 PM by grahamrpugh


And please don't mark this duplicate with specific requests for specific GUI actions such as the one above.

Let's have a commitment from Jamf - no new features without an API action... and then, make all existing features API'able too.


Posted: 11/13/17 at 8:20 PM by BrandonKurtz



Posted: 11/15/17 at 3:41 PM by mm2270

Agreed 1000%


Posted: 1/4/18 at 1:28 AM by Gregory

Yes, we should be able to act on anything available in the GUI!


Posted: 1/24/18 at 1:31 AM by LRZ_Jamf

Yes, and theres much more missing than this point.


Posted: 3/27/18 at 3:48 PM by bpavlov

Something like this seems relevant here as an example of data that should be available via the API:


Posted: 3/27/18 at 3:49 PM by bpavlov

Also, someone on Slack mentioned Bookmarks/Plugins in Self Service being made accessible via the API.


Posted: 3/27/18 at 4:18 PM by grahamrpugh

@bpavlov that was me :)