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Facilitate uploads to cloud distribution point via API or other non-manual method

Version 9 of the Casper Suite/Jamf Pro Suite allowed tools like JSSImporter to upload packages directly to a cloud distribution point. This has stopped working in Jamf Pro 10. If cloud is the way of the future, cloud needs to be scalable, and also needs to have some way to automate package uploads and replication. Please provide and document a way to upload packages programmatically, via some kind of API or fileupload endpoint or whatever, so that we can continue to leverage cloud distribution points with Jamf Pro 10 and not have to manually upload packages via the webapp or Jamf Admin.

I would imagine that once some kind of upload methodology is established (via API or otherwise) that it could be used in conjunction with ODST as well.

Posted: by brandon.gil

Hello! I'm happy to report that we plan to begin work to provide and document a way to upload packages to JCDS programmatically via the Jamf Pro API.

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Posted: by grahamrpugh

Or better still, as Shea Craig stated in the Slack #jss-importer channel:

That would be the ideal situation: one endpoint that handles all configured distribution points, of any type, would be amazing. It puts the engineering muscle of JAMF behind it rather than one person trying to keep up with all of the changes.

Posted: by scottb

Oh please yes! Can't vote this up enough.


Posted: by PeterG

Oh Yes!

I am struggling with using an AWS cloud distribution point and the High Sierra Installer being 5.18G. Casper aAdmin cannot write/replicate a file over 5G to AWS.


Posted: by mm2270

100% agree with this! I'm working with a customer on Jamf's cloud instance, using a cloud DP and a local DP shared off a Mac. The replication piece has been a nightmare. Not only the need to manually upload, then manually do replication, but the fact that the replication process basically doesn't work, at least not since they were auto upgraded to Jamf Pro 10. The replication looks like it's working, but the pkgs that get pulled over from cloud to local are basically broken. When trying to use them with imaging or policies they don't install because they are busted. This has caused us to need to manually copy the pkgs into the Mac share. Then they can be used from that share without issue. But what a PITA! This needs to be easier. It's long overdue that Jamf provides a better/easier way to use cloud and local distribution points that can all stay in sync. Or just easier ways to get the files up into the cloud DPs as mentioned above.


Posted: by tlarkin

I will up-vote because I want APIs exposed for all of this, including Patch. I would prefer the ability to use whatever tools we deem the best fit for our work and then integrate those tools into the Jamf Pro Server (I almost typed JSS!) and integrate and automate them with code. This FR sounds like it would be the start of this.

I would like to manage the applications though. Somewhat a catalog style where I can create objects that house meta data for packages, and then move those objects in and out of scope to devices. Maintain multiple versions, have an easy way to roll back a package if a critical issue is found, and be able to control 100% of it through code. I would prefer to not ever log into a UI if I don't have to.


Posted: by lashomb

Would love to see the ability to do this regardless of cloud VS. local. We have several automated workflows we use for building software from source that end with a scripted file copy to a DP. Pretty ridiculous for a company that is "API first"... package upload is a major function of the product.


Posted: by d_koleg2217

Are there any updates on this feature being implemented?


Posted: by emily

@brandon.gil do you have an ETA for the delivery of this FR?


Posted: by grahamrpugh

It's been said that Brandon Gil, who committed to change this to "Planned", has left Jamf. I'm sure we would all like some reassurance that an API endpoint for uploading packages is still planned. We personally would never migrate to the cloud without it, as automation is essential. I would go as far to say as we would probably use Munki instead, if this commitment was abandoned.


Posted: by macandcat

If this is still in the works will it only apply to the JCDS or to any Cloud Distribution Point? Those of use who either use JamfCloud but can't stand the speed/reliability of the JCDS or who run on-prem wouldn't be able to take advantage of this functionality if it's limited to the JCDS.