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Deployment of Provisioning Profiles

The release notes for Jamf Pro 10.0.0 indicate that the distribution of provisioning profiles has been deprecated. Justification for the removal of this feature is provided by linking to an Apple support article that explains how to bundle a provisioning profile within the application, presumably obviating the need for this feature. While provisioning profile bundling is an excellent method for initial deployment, we use Jamf Pro to distribute an updated profile before expiration of the initial profile. This allows us to use the full 3 year certificate without a new application release, and is necessary since provisioning profiles expire after 1 year. This is important because our application is controlled by regulatory requirements which prevent redistribution of an updated application without significant cost and complexity, whereas there are no restrictions on the distribution of the profile. For the record, our application is used for the control of a Class III, FDA regulated, medical device. Our clinical trial periods exceed the maximum provisioning profile length, hence the need for this workaround.

Posted: by michael.devins

Jamf Pro 10.6 brings back support for Provisioning Profiles.

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Posted: by martin

Please add the date for the Provisioning Profile to expire for In-House apps. Also allow to upload a (new) Provisioning Profile to the In-House app.


Posted: by kericson

@martin Yes this is a must.


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