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Add new Self Service policy options to the API

In particular:
- Self Service Display Name
- Button Name Before Initiation
- Button Name After Initiation

It feels like a glaring hole in the API that other Self Service settings are available via the API but the improvements around Self Service policies in Jamf Pro 10 are not there already.

I think the impact here is pretty clear: anyone that uses the API to build policies (e.g., JSSImporter) doesn't have a way to set those additional button text options or the Self Service Display Name, the latter of which does not auto-populate if a policy is created via the API as of right now.

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Posted: by haircut

Agreed, this is a breaking bug. While the specific fields/options are new to v10, the inability to completely create a policy via the API is a regression in functionality from v9.


Posted: by emily

It would also be helpful to pull the share URLs out of the API. I'm sure this would be a huge help for the Intune conditional access stuff. And if this option is already there for Intune but not visible in the API resource documentation that'd be… not cool.


Posted: by mm2270

It baffles my why Jamf adds in new features to the UI and proceeds to neglect the API by NOT giving us access to those same new features. These really need to be developed in tandem. For a company that touts the API as the programmatic way to access, and create, information in your Jamf Pro db, rather than direct db access, they need to put their development time where their mouth is and make sure that with each new release, the API gets top billing too and not relegated to "we'll get around to it" status. It's really frustrating.

Also, technically one of these items was already requested in this FR, but yours asks for all the new options in the Self Service policy UI, so it's more comprehensive.
I also think there may be a more general "Make everything in the UI available in the API" request out there, but can't locate it at the moment.


Posted: by niklas.blomdalen

Even if the API does not support values for "Self Service Display Name" it should default to policy display name when a new policy is created. As now you need to edit/save all created polices to get a name on the policy. horrible! Completely agree with haircut (above comment)


Posted: by Grant.Klingbeil

Please add the Policy URLs Installation URL and Description URL to the API as well.