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Securely sign

Currently the Jamf script (in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/ManagementFrameworkScripts/) is distributed without secure digital code signing. Would it be possible to have this script be signed by Jamf when pushed to workstations? The same request would apply to any other scripts JSS sends to enrolled Macs.

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Posted: by howie_isaacks

I'm curious. What (if any) issues are being caused by these scripts not being signed?


Posted: by mario

It was just a general improvement suggestion before, but with macOS 10.14's introduction of TCC, there's the additional merit of being able to authorize approved privacy settings for any policies this script executes that require such approvals. So, for example, if runs jamf policy -action startup, and one of the triggered policies attempts to run an osascript action that interacts with System Events, the user currently gets an alert to approve's System Events interaction. Signing the script with the same bundle ID used for other Jamf processes (see here: would allow administrators to pre-approve such actions and avoid user-facing alerts without context.


Posted: by daworley

I got hit by the "enroll" script that gets laid down as part of OTA enrollment biting me in a similar manner. This triggered some fun with timing between when the PPPC profile gets deployed and actions initiate by enrollmentComplete policies.


Posted: by alexrobert

This is literally the only thing stopping us to deploying macOS 10.14 :(


Posted: by HNTIT

I now have this working, and hope JAMF can adopt this simple textfile change as it helps massively.

The Complete Setup I have put in here is as follows.

echo '@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@
+                <string>/bin/sh</string>
                <string>/Library/Application Support/JAMF/ManagementFrameworkScripts/</string>
        </array>' > /tmp/com.jamfsoftware.startupItem.diff
patch -u /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jamfsoftware.startupItem.plist -i /tmp/com.jamfsoftware.startupItem.diff -F 1 -l -N -r /tmp/com.jamfsoftware.startupItem.rej

This updates the JAMF launch Daemon to correct the mis-identification of the parent process.

The best explanation i can find for the exact issues is here

I have run this script in a policy targeted at a smart group, the group checks if the OS is Mojave or Higher and also checks the status of the Extension Attribute below.



cmd=$(grep -c "$word" $file)

if [ "$cmd" != "0" ]; then
        echo "<result>PATCHED</result>"
        echo "<result>NOT PATCHED</result>"

This works around the issues very nicely.

Again, i hope JAMF adopt this in the next release, as its a simple text change that more correctly sets up the launch daemon.