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Background Builder with Number and Staff Name

Currently you can set a specific background and have the iPad display its name and staff number, but it is super tiny at the bottom of the screen. I believe this is controlled by apple.

I use a website Canva right now and have a project with a stock background set. I then edit the iPad number and staff name each time, then download the image, then upload it as the background for that specific iPad to JAMF.

I would like Jamf to have a built in Background Builder. I set a default background and then I can have it pull info such as iPad # and Staff Name and put those were I determine them to go on the background and change the size of font. This would save me from having to do this for each iPad, and redoing when we reassign them.

Jamf would just autogenerate an image with the background and the text overlaid over top and assign that to the iPad.


Posted: by nvandam