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Expand the Jamfselfservice:// handler to launch Self Service and display a specific category

We have started to utilize the jamfselfservice:// handler to launch and execute the policies that we want the users to be aware of (for example when installing software after a prompt is shown on their screen).

However, it would be super useful to be able to launch Self Service and point it to a specific category to filter the results by initially.

For example, automatically showing the "On-boarding" category when a machine first checks in. Or even showing a "Patching" category if a user choosers to defer an update prompt shown to them.

I could see it being written something like this:
jamfselfservice://content?entity=category&id=5 # Opens the On-boarding category
jamfselfservice://content?entity=category&id=7 # Opens the Patching category

Or even expanding on those and combining with the existing functionality:
jamfselfservice://content?entity=policy&id=100&action=view&category_id=7 # Shows the information dialog for the policy, but in the background will be in the Patching category

This second example is useful if a user clicks out of the dialog (e.g. they try to move the window) then they're taken into the category I want them to see which would have a smaller subset of policies available to them and avoiding any type of information overload.

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Posted: by seanhansell

I need this!


Posted: by B_Hanson

Found this tucked away in the Self Service app today:


Be sure to use quotes if calling from a script/CLI:

open "jamfselfservice://content?action=category&id=9"

Unfortunately, there's still no way to go directly to the "Activity" area (ie Patch Policy area) that I can find. It must be possible because the macOS Notifications will bring you directly to a patch policy when clicked, but I've scoured the strings in the binary, and tried all kinds of permutations of the jamfselfservice:// URL handler, etc. But at least I found something somewhat useful.