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Ability to set install order of packages from JSS

Recent ive ran into an issue where packages were installing in the incorrect order, in my case an update package was running before the install. i know that i can adjust the priority in jamf Admin, but it would be nice to set the order right in the policy screen.

Order by:

Posted: by dpertschi

and, while we're at it, can I PLEASE run a script in between two packages? Before and After just don't always cut it.


Posted: by msw-sa

Yes, absolute positioning of packages and scripts would be hugely valuable - big +1 for this request!


Posted: by mm2270

Yeah, unfortunately, priority values just don't always fit the bill, and can get unwieldy if those same packages need to be used in other deployments, since it can mess up other stuff to adjust the Priority number. We do need the ability to place the installs in the exact order we want them to run in.
The only other way to accomplish this is hacky, but involves setting up separate policies for the installs and calling each one by custom triggers (or by policy IDs) in the order you want them to run in with a script. Makes things rather messy though.


Posted: by eaititig

I seriously can't believe this hasn't been addressed ... I've been going through forums posts on here of people asking for this feature for the last 9 years. Yes I know you can make your own package and call the packages in order and yes I know you can rename your packages so they run in alphabetical order but come on, that is just silly and should have been implemented by now.