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Make Automatic Proxy Discovery available in Config Profile´s Network Payload

Actually it is NOT possible to use CP´s Network Payload to deploy a network setting with proxy auto discovery. You can select "Automatic" and have to provide the Proxy Server URL/PAC URL (requiered) witch sets the auto proxy url enabled.
From the Apple Profile Reference the pac url should be an option. So leaving the url field empty will set the network service proxy to proxy auto discovery using WPAD. Using the pac url will set the network service proxy to auto proxy url.

Apple Configuration Profile Ref If the ProxyType field is set to Auto and no ProxyPACURL value is specified, the device uses the web proxy autodiscovery protocol (WPAD) to discover proxies

Make the field Proxy Server URL optional!

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Posted: by Argylladmin

Our network uses WPAD as well - we need this field blank.

If I set the settings manually in the iPad, I can set the Proxy Setup to Automatic and leave the Proxy URL blank. I can also create a network profile in Configurator 2 that has a blank Proxy URL and push that to the iPad. The only place that the Proxy URL is compulsory, when the Proxy Setup is Automatic, is in the Jamf console...


Posted: by Simmo

I am surprised this functionality has not yet been implemented.
To get around this I have had to upload a config profile created outside of Jamf, as it is signed by an external source Jamf cannot modify it and it allows saving.


Posted: by avshch

+1 for this functionality


Posted: by scheb

This is hurting us too - one of our other security products is choking when we have proxy server URL specified. It requires WPAD (proxy auto discovery) to work well at this point... 🙄