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VPP Licenses - Filter Out Apps With 0 Total Licenses

Settings > Global Management > VPP Accounts > VPP Account > Content

It's fantastic Jamf Pro now handles VPP licenses transferred from one token to another in ASM. When all licenses of an app have been transferred 0 total is listed correctly. However, most often in cases where all licenses have been transferred it's because that app is no longer used. It would be great if there was a check box to filter out apps with 0 total licenses. Less clutter, fewer apps to sort through, and less confusion as to what app licenses are available to use. With Business Manager coming I could see this being a simple change non-education organizations could benefit from as well.

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Posted: by cdenesha

I'm still on 9.101; but isn't there now a way to disable an app? I'm thinking there is a new entry in the App Catalog tied to the other VPP token now? If so the old could be disabled?

Please share if this is not how it is done




Posted: by timelost

In addition to filtering out those with 0 licenses, the Notifications setup under VPP Acccounts should disregard them. If there are 0 licenses purchased, as far as that token goes, and 0 licenses in use, they should also be rejected from the report. As apps are moved between other accounts, this will help keep the clutter down and leave good, meaningful information from the Notifications.


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