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Adding session ID to Jamf.usage_logs table.

We have been asked to provide reports on how long our Macs have been used during a given timeframe.

We can extract the login/logout data from the jamf.usage_logs table but there is no way for us to identify a session so we can’t run the report via a script and so the usage has to be calculated manually which as you can understand is very time consuming.

On our Windows computers we have a system developed in house which records the same details as JAMF does but it also appends a session ID which is unique as it is based on the Login ID and date/time when they logged in. This session ID is also written back to the database when the user logs off as it is held in a temporary file on the windows PC. The machine then clears the file so when the next person logs in a new unique session ID is generated.

This helps us to write a simple query where it just looks at the usage table and matches the session ID which will give us a simple login and logout event from which we can calculate the time logged in.

Is there any possibility of adding this feature in JAMF so that a session ID is also logged to the jamf.Usage_logs table which we can then reference.


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