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Need to be able to enforce Smart Punctuation On/Off through Config Profile

Some of our Online testing requires Smart Punctuation to be turned off

To verify Smart Punctuation is disabled:

  1. Open the Settings App

  2. Select General

  3. Select Keyboard

  4. Verify that the Smart Punctuation is in the off position

    Checked with Jamf Support and there currently isn't a way to configure this using Jamf. It would obvious be nice to be able to enforce this using the JSS instead of having to manually touch all student devices.

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Thanks for posting this. Our students were struggling with logging into STEM scopes as well as missing answers due to the punctuation registering differently on various websites. We noticed this issue in the ' symbol on our iPads. Seems like a small issue until you realize it's affecting thousands of devices and since we run Shared iPad mode, this must be changed per user on each device they use, not even per device.


Posted: by kwsenger

WI state testing as well. Currently, we have students disable manually.


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