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Selectively choose what policy logs to flush

We know we can go into an individual computer record in order to selectively flush policy logs. It would be nice to have a feature to do something similar via the command line or script.

As it is, when wiping a computer, we issue the flushPolicyHistory in order to clear the logs and start fresh. However, there are a couple of policies we don't want re-run, although we can live with it if they do. Ideally, if we had the ability to have a switch in the flushPolicyHistory command to NOT flush a specific policy ID, that would be great.

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Posted: by robmorton

I voted this up because why not, but this is basically the same feature request as


Posted: by mconners

Thank you @robmorton I appreciate it. I didn't see the other feature request you mentioned and I certainly agree something could be done to make it a little easier to manage per policy. I also up voted the other feature request. Like many other requests, it is still under review. Wish Jamf would offer updates on these older requests.