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On-Prem Package Uploads via Web Console and HTTP

Cloud instances of Jamf Pro appear to allow the upload of packages to the JSS via the Web Console (using the HTTP protocol).

Please enable this functionality for on-prem instances of Jamf Pro.

This would alleviate our internal customers' number one issue about Jamf Pro; it's the number one issue by a 3:1 margin.

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Posted: by bmortens115

you can do this with an on-prem server if your master distribution point is a cloud distribution point or an file share distribution point with HTTP/S setup for it.


Posted: by michaelmcgaw

@bmortens115 Thanks for that info! I thought I had tried that, but I'll revisit it and make sure I had things set up correctly.


Posted: by benducklow

Curious about this. My master distribution point is a local macOS fileshare, configured in the JSS with HTTP/S setup and I am not seeng an option to upload a package to it via the web console.. @bmortens115 , am I missing something here?