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Bluetooth Automated Management

I would like to request the ability to send scheduled commands to enable bluetooth on iPads. Much like how the wall paper can be scheduled Daily, monthly, etc. This would really help our teachers out when using Apple Classroom as students tend to disable bluetooth on a regular basis.

I have attempted to 'Disallow' Bluetooth settings in restrictions but this prevents the user from using any bluetooth devices, not to mention it will lock bluetooth Off if it is set to disabled when the command reaches the iPad.

I have used another MDM (Filewave) recently and they were able to automate this when ever the iPad 'Checked in' to the MDM.

I would love to have this feature with Jamf. Thank you for your time!

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Posted: by matt.aebly

Hey Kyle,

Jamf Pro does have the capability to mass enable or disable bluetooth settings. If you do a search for devices and then click on the action button at the bottom right and click into Send Remote Command, you can send a command to enable bluetooth on the devices (as long as they are iOS 11.3+ and supervised).



Posted: by echalupka

@matt.aebly We do the method you suggested right now, but find the need to do it almost daily (kids will be kids) which is time-consuming.

Another option would be to be able to query devices for Bluetooth Status so we can make a smart group, and add an automated management command if the device meets the scope (Like if we create a smart group scoping to "Bluetooth Status" is "Off", then automated management command "Enable Bluetooth" is sent).