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"Current" & "Patched" as Value for Operating System Version & Build Fields

This comes from a place of wanting to report on unpatched Macs for posture compliance and supportability.

Like Apple, I only support the fully-patched current release and the two previous releases (sometimes referred to as N-2). Conditional access, conditional deployment, and conditional configuration are meant to use the macOS version and build numbers to track compliance.

With the available fields and values, a Jamf Pro administrator has to either manually update the searches/groups involved, or build Jamf API scripting to update the values as in the (out of date) example below.

I'd rather see this as a Jamf Pro product feature. Versions, builds, and releases are all publicly available information (Apple even maintains a release RSS feed with versions and build numbers).

"Current" would refer to the latest, fully-patched macOS release.

"Patched" would refer to the latest build of the installed major macOS release.

Another good item to have would be "current/patched -N", where N is the number of versions back from current or patched that would be considered acceptable.