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Time Server payload support in iOS and tvOS

Time Server Payload
The Time Server payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.
This payload allows devices to connect to custom time servers.
In addition to the settings common to all payload types, the Time Server payload defines the following keys:

Key: timeServer
Type: String
Value: The ntp server to connect to.
Availability: Available in tvOS 10.6 and later.

Key: timeZone
Type: String
Value: Time zone path location string in /usr/share/zoneinfo/. For example, ”America/Denver” or ”Zulu”.
Availability: Available in iOS 10.6 and later.

I don't believe Jamf Pro supports this at the moment.


Posted: by bpavlov

I'm not sure if I mistakenly copied the wrong text or what, but it seems that according to the Configuration Profile Reference that these two keys are available in macOS 10.12.4+. It's possible I didn't make a mistake and Apple made a typo which they tend fixed in a subsequent update. Maybe that's what their "minor updates and corrections" mean at the end of their revision history notes.

In any case, Jamf please keep that in mind if you ever get around to implementing this.