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Proxy PAC Fallback

In Jamf Pro we have the ability to set proxy setting with Configuration Profiles. However, Jamf Pro leaves out the setting to allow fallback of the PAC file if it's not reachable. Since that setting is not available we are forced to use custom settings.

It would be great to see Jamf add in this ability to mirror Apples abilities.

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Posted: by smvasallo

What custom settings are you using now as a work around? we are having the hardest time getting this to work for us off network.


Posted: by jtarantino

You can actually import a global proxy profile in Jamf with the 'fallback' flag (<FallBackAllowed>). JSS will preserve this flag even when editing the profile.

But effectively adding the option in the interface seems a must have.

I give an example why this fallback flag is mandatory for Internet-exposed JSS or Jamf Cloud :
- Computer enrolls from Internet (DEP or invitation)
- The configuration profiles install
- Once 'Proxy' payload is applied the http or socks proxy becomes mandatory and subsequent traffic is dropped
- Enrollment fails to complete


Posted: by jtarantino

Addendum : another missing option in proxy payload is the ability to use captive Wifi portals as a exception (option available in iPCU).


Posted: by santoroj

I am having a similar issue with the captive portal when the PAC file is active. We are unable to load the login page for the captive portal when the pac file is active. I have had to put up a cached solution in self-service so that the user can install and remove the pac file depending on which network they want to connect to. It should be able to be self-aware that if you connect to a specific WiFi network then use the pac file otherwise do not use the pac file. If anyone has any other solutions to this that would be great.


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