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iPad Scheduled Restart

We have several iPads (around 60) set to single app mode using Safari only. Every once in a while iPads falls off WiFi. Since the iPads are locked down where the students can't even power off the devices the only option is to give it to the IT department where it's still a hassle getting it back online.

It would be nice to have an option to either schedule the iPads to restart every night to make sure they reconnect to WiFi every day or have an option to schedule a shutdown and power on time.

If we had a Shutdown and Power On option we could schedule something like, Power them off at 11:00pm and Power them on at 6:00am Monday through Friday and not power them on Saturday or Sunday.

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Posted: by cpominville

I am brand new to Jamf, almost, and this is one of the first features I was looking for. Especially with Shared iPads. Kids (JK, grade 1) do not logout. The process, in my humble opinion, is too difficult, double click top button then logout. Have to teach them. Devices should logout after 30 minutes of inactivity! That's an Apple wish list and will post there.

Jamf should have (Apple granted) the ability to reboot every night. That way, you know the devices are logged out and ready to go for the next kids.

Thank you.


Posted: by rfaruk

I have the same problem with the iPads in Kiosk mode. They're all locked up in a kiosk case with no access to home/power buttons. Every time it falls off WiFi we have to connect it to Apple Configurator and restart it. Would be nice to have an option to schedule ON and OFF times because the kiosks are only used during the business hours.