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Defer software update between 1-90 days

After speaking with our Apple SE, we were told that it is possible to defer an iOS update for a time frame anywhere between 1 to 90 days. However, our options are currently static and we cannot enter in a custom amount of days to wait to allow the update.

For instance, during our 1:1 deployments, we would like to defer the update until we are finished deploying at all schools. 7 days is a bit too short, but 30 days seems excessive, and there is no option in between.

Instead of the current drop-down selection for the number of days to defer an iOS update, I would like to see a way to enter in a number between 1 and 90. This way, we can choose exactly how long to defer the updates within the allotted time frame.

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Posted: by joelande

Apple also indicated that we can:
1) push a software update out to devices from the MDM, even when they are deferred via a restriction
2) select which version of update to install. SO for example, today iOS 12 is available. According to Apple, we shdoul be able to push out a software update command for iOS 10.4.1


Posted: by cbrewer

@joelande Jamf Pro 10.7 can do that. Action > Send Remote Commands > Update iOS Version on supervised devices.


Posted: by CairoJXP

It'd be nice to have the option to enter the days you want, or have an option to say indefinite as well. ALSO, the deferment doesn't start when you deploy the profile with that option checked, it starts from when the last iOS version was released. So if it's 30 days after say iOS 12 .1 is released and you choose 90 days, you're really only deferring it for 60 days. After the deferment period is up, it will prompt the user that an update is available.

I've made another related FR for more options related to iOS deferment: iOS deferment options needed


Posted: by cdinsight

Our users need the ability to defer software updates for (x) days. This is not a security issue, it's a administrative shortcoming.