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Mobile Device Apps - freeze pane so you can always see column headings

When scrolling through the long list of Mobile Device Apps, it would be nice if the column headings were always visible, similar to how you can freeze panes in Microsoft Excel.

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Posted: by c.kay

They need to do the same for all windows that show computer lists and logs as well.


Posted: by tony.schaps

Gadzooks, I would think the people at Jamf who use the product would grow weary of having to scroll back to the top to see what column they're looking at. If I get distracted or look somewhere else for a few seconds, come back, I am often not sure what I'm looking at, especially in some inventory displays with huge numbers of columns. I actually think having column headers frozen by default would be preferred by most people, as well as repeated each page in printouts. Should I really have to download the CSV and import to Excel or Google Docs just to print out a multi-page inventory list (create PDF usually, not paper) with the headers repeated on each page? This isn't rocket science. I am actually in disbelief that we still can't manually set the column display order, column width, and, for crying out loud, the ability to edit the default column names to stop wasting so much space. "Number of Processors" is never going to be more than a 2-digit number, ditto for "Available RAM Slots," "Number of Available Updates, " etc. etc. etc. Even if the long name would wrap to the next line instead of getting cut off, it would be an improvement. I used to be the only guy managing our fleet with Jamf Pro, so I got used to ignoring these shortcomings. Training in a new guy this year has opened my eyes again, he understandably asks how to edit the column order, column names, page fonts, etc. and it reminds me that ---even after five years-- these dumb limitations remain. /rant