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Scheduled Uninstall (remove) App

I would like to schedule an app removal. Like a library system. Especially for PAID apps. To Push out an App and on a specific date, the license would be revoked so the app can be assigned to someone else.

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Posted: by bvondeylen

A notification of the app removal should also be automatically sent to the user so they can make any necessary backup as well.


Posted: by bcampbell

This would be great. We are already doing this manually with one app, and it's extra work that this would eliminate. Currently, students have to go to our library or me, ask to "check out" the app, librarians or I update a shared Google Sheet saying who has the app and the "expiration date", and finally the adult who does the "check-out" needs to add the student to a user group that scopes the app and provides a VPP license. Revoking the app happens manually for those past the expiration date when someone thinks about it or when others need the app.

As I think and write about this, I realize it's probably not trivial to implement as it requires tracking things and possibly notifications (if an expiration warning was an option). However, I could also see it as a marketable feature for JAMF Pro that might further differentiate it from other MDMs. This "software library" feature would allow schools to provide students the opportunity to use apps for a limited time (say one project) when it's not cost justifiable to purchase the app for an entire grade or course. Technology tools like iPads are great for project-based work when students have some choice and control over the tools they use and artifacts they are to create. This would make it more feasible to offer more paid apps as options instead of just free apps. Plus it would be a great way to authentically see if a particular app might get used enough to warrant purchasing more licenses.


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