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Allowing iOS update when ready

I currently defer iOS updates using the "Defer software update for"... restriction. I now want to allow students to update to a newer version of iOS, but I don't want to force a restart when they might be working on their iPads.

I can send an "Update iOS Version" with the "Download the update for users to install" option. This downloads the new version and also places a notification from settings that an update is there. But when you go to the Settings, General, Software Update screen it continues to say that "Your iPad is running the latest software update allowed by your administrator."

I can also force the update and have it reboot, but that then interrupts classes since we can not control when this will happen.

It would be nice if there was a way to not remove the update restriction, but allow users to update when a new version is downloaded from the command.

Without something like this you can not update to a specific version since you have to remove the restriction and that will allow any update.

Another option would be to have an “update to this version but no further” restriction.

This becomes an issue when we get to standardized testing where the newest iOS is often not approved very quickly.


Posted: by CairoJXP

Even if you send the command to download, install iOS update and restart the device, if there is a passcode on the device, it will not install and restart the device unless the ipad user approves it. So that remote function is only good on devices without a passcode on them.

I created a FR that address the issue I've described: